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  1. purpledrank Basic Info Full Name : Neo Valentine Preferred Name(s) : Neo Gender : Male P.O.B : Massachusetts D.O.B : March 4th, 1988 Age : 30 Likes : Neo loves to be active, go for runs and working out. He also loves animals, especially dogs. He has a soft spot for babies. He also loves pineapple. Dislikes : Hates people with attitudes. Period. Personality : Neo is very charismatic. Even if he can’t use his guns his words can persuade a lot of people his whole personality and presence makes you like him. Neo Even for his lifestyle of killing people, Neo is a funny and kind soul. He jokes around a lot. Is liked by almost anyone he meets. Yet he is serious. Neo is described as a courageous. Bold. Wise. He’s a manly man at best. Weakness: Scared is heights, can be over protected, paranoid most of the time. Occupation : Was a professional hitman for hire for the government. Physical Description Body : He is built. Very strong and fast. Height : 6’2 Weight : 194 pounds. Skin color : White Hair color/style : Messy dark brown hair Eye color : Blue Lip Color: light pink (normal) Piercing : Ears Scar : There’s a big X slashed on his back. Tattoo : Has some face tattoos, arms, chest. Clothing : See picture. Other Info Sexuality : Straight Relationship Status : (depends on RP) Habit(s) : none Wishes : The world can go back to how it was. Health Problem Physical : None Mental : paranoia Pills : none Prescriptions : none Weapons: -carries a foldable sniper in his bag. -homemade machete -his fists Misc. Backpack: -extra ammo for his guns. Only 2-3 clips. -bottled water and some cans of beans -tooth brush and tooth paste Special Skills -Strength: 10 -Speed: 9 -Agility: 8 -Stealth: 10 -Shooting: 10 -Hand to Hand Combat: 10 -Building: 7 -Medic: 8 -Persuasive: 10 -Speech: 10 -Tracking: 10 Backstory : News life was simple. He was a simple child and went to school but grew up on guns. His whole family had and shot rifles, pistols and many other weapons. He wanted to join the military bad as well. So he enlisted. Eventually becoming a sniper in the navy seals. That eventually led him being a professional killer after one of the missions to kill Osama bin laden. He wasn’t there for the actual kill but he was in the area. He was so good in fact that he is only needed for special missions. He lived in a big house with his wife and children until the outbreak started. When it did he came home as soon as he heard it happen and seen his family being devoured. It changed him for a bit but eventually he went back to being himself. Now he survives and thrives in the apocalypse. With his strength and wits, no one can stop him.

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