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    Name: Lynn Beckett Species: Vampire Age: 19 Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual APPEARANCE He's got silver hair which grows at an excessive rate if he cuts it so he doesn't try to. He has silver eyes too, unless his feeling some kind of strong emotion, to which they turn red. He takes care of his hair and brushes it each morning, and it's naturally straight. He has high cheekbones and soft eyebrows. He also has an industrial piercing in one ear and a belly button piercing too, both silver to match his hair and eye colour. He's a little shorter than average height, and a little underweight for his height. PERSONALITY He's flirty to almost everyone for starters, even if he's not romantically or sexually interested in the person. He's sassy to friends and usually I'm high spirits. He doesn't care about species, so will make friends and fuck humans at his leisure. They're not as aware of his reputation for sleeping with literally everyone. He's surprisingly sweet when people get to know him, but is very defensive and closed off and uses sex as a means of escaping conversations or things he doesn't want to talk about. He's protective of friends, and loyal to them. The same cannot be said of romantic partners. He doesn't think he could ever be tied down. Habits: -flirting -tucking his hair behind his ear -fiddling with his hair -biting his lip Talents: -singing -baking -agile -picking up people Turn ons: Hair pulling, neck kisses, hickeys, being picked up during kisses as a show of strength (with guys), playfulness, ability to try new things. Turn offs: shy people (in a relationship), assholes, feet. Position: Switch Virginity: Gone LIKES: Stargazing, blood, sex, hot people, play fighting, sweet things, parties, socialising, loud music DISLIKES: Feeling lonely, rejection, quiet, hangovers, spicy foods STRENGTHS: -wooing people -providing great sex -confidence -determined WEAKNESSES: -too persistant -closed off -defensive -hurting people after one night stands

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    @nutrition 🌹, Female, Princess //

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    @paperboats @determined bios and pics.))

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    🌹, Male, Fuckboy.))

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    || 🌹, Female, Bad Bitch ||

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