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With the arrival of the Fae. Vampires & Werewolfs must unite; or perish.

  1. lorelai Lorelai stood there looking out over the grounds of her domain. Those lavender blue eyes piercing the night as if it was daylight. Her hands against the window pane at the bottom while the rain drizzles down outside. The hint of those double fangs visible as she stood there. The news still ringing in her head. The man who turned her, dead. Her Father, dead. Yet there had been little clues to go on. She'd sifted through his ashes herself. Nothing but the bitter scent of that old world Scottish whisky lingering in the air. "M'lady?" Lorelai heard Henry's respectful tone from the other side of the doorway. "Coming..." Lore's dulcet tone whispering forth as she glides to the door opening it. Confronted by the turned 50 year old greying man who had been beside her Father. Leader of the Vampire Nation. Now that duty fell to her.

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