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Noctis v. Dreams

  1. Yourdreams The time of day was around three in the afternoon. The sky was full with dark gray clouds that were currently showering the land below with the rain that left no stone unturned due to fast travelling winds that combed the land. The area was somewhat flat, small hills here and there. The ground was covered by luscious green grass that so vigorously danced in the wind as the rain pelted each strand. This would be the setting in which an immense battle would take place. On the west side, a portal would open up with a maroon color to it, the perimeter of this circular doorway seemingly covered by a white flame. Out of this entryway, a figure would emerge, standing at the height of five feet and eleven inches. This figure appeared as a male with a rather mysterious look to him. The skin that was visible on him proved to be quite fair, almost a complete white. The entirety of his body was hidden away by a hooded cloak. This cloak covered him head to toe, and it seemed as though he wore a mask that resembled a panda bear. The design of the cloak was rather intriguing as well. It was all black with two silver serpents wrapping around it. There was also two yin yang symbols on it, one on the bottom left of the cloak and one on the lower right sleeve. On the left sleeve was a black and white rose, giving in to the theme of yin and yang. Though they were hidden, there was many different things that this figure had on his person. There would be a pair of gloves, hidden away by the sleeves of the cloak. Beneath the ring finger of the left glove would be a ring that resembled that of a serpent, which had it's own perks to it. Aside from these were the two daggers placed on his hips; one black and one white. They were quite easy for him to retrieve, even under the cloak, but that was if he decided to use them. This man went by the name of Mazalththalu; a demonic being and a member of Silver Leviathan. He was here to fight yet another member, his cloak billowing in the wind as he stood in wait for his opponent. He was quite the sight to see. “Well, I suppose we can do this.” He said. His choice was soft and quite frankly, he seemed uncaring. This would be due to the fact that Mazalththalu is merely a vessel. The body of six souls that take turns, unless fused, controlling this “meat suit” as some might call it. The current soul in control was one by the name of Ben Eastman. He's a rather careless soul with no effort or care behind his actions. “Hmm…” @noctis

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