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Mithril Twilight Guild Bio Room

  1. whorrible rowen0331_gam30v3r ► basics;
 Full Name: Addilyn Vermillion Nicknames: Addi, Lyn, Av 
Age: 18 Magic: Addilyn is a sort of conjurer. She uses the arcana cards as a gateway between the real world and the arcana world, almost like a key holder, to conjure and call upon arcana beings when she needs them. She must have the cards given to her, or she must find them, she can not buy her cards. However, once she obtains a card, she needs not search for it again as it remains hers. Certain events will trigger the appearance of new cards, as she develops, so does her abilities and arcana beings. 

► physical; 
 Face: Pale 
Eye Color: Changes 
Hair Color: Purple 
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Tattoos, Birthmarks, Scars, etc: has plenty, you've just got to be someone lucky enough to see them. ► personality; 
 Positive Traits: Addilyn is a smart individual. She is very immersed in books and study, however she is also very adventurous. She loves spontaneity, and the idea of the unknown. She is a fearless individual on the outside, and she shows no regrets as she flies through life doing what she pleases. 
Negative Traits: despite seeming fearless and confident, Addilyn is secretly very self conscious, and scared of what may be. She is somewhat of a perfectionist, and spends a lot of time learning more and being reckless. She also puts a lot of time and effort into her cards. Deep down, she just wants someone. Anyone. She's constantly alone(by her own doing).

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