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Mithril Twilight Guild Bio Room

  1. kingsassassin214_94 Name:Mason Vizrin Age:24 Height:6'5" Race:Human Power/Abilities: Swordsman, heightened agility, can use elder or blood magic(Has a penalty based on the use of it), enhanced strength (but not godlike), and is gifted in the arts of war. Gender:Male(obviously) Personality: Can be funny, sometimes sarcastic, always loyal, honourable at times, but always polite even when sarcastic. Bio:Mason was the son of a master blacksmith who wedded the king's king's daughter who happened to be the kings sorceress. They snuck behind the king's back and married after having their son Mason. The king was forgiving but he found out about this and ordered his parents execution. The king made Mason watch as his grandfather behead his own daughter and his young blacksmith, Mason was a child and was put into training with the king's elder guards and the guards took him in as their son, caring for him and raising him. The guards raised him into a just man and was taken into service of the by again seventeen, he earned his grandfather's trust as his top elder guard, then he plunged his blade into his heart. After the events of him killing his grandfather, he ran and made his living as a sword for hire then he found out about the guild and decided to join something higher and do right.

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