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Flirt with anyone you like!…

  1. azur_18 But the battle against his own sexuality eventually proves futile, and he is reduced once more to just an ordinary man, ruled by base desires and emotions.

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Not a roleplay. This is a chat for the lgbt community and the yaoi lovers.…

  1. yuichiro_ichinose @cloudz okay as long as it doesn't * wraps the scarf around my stomach tightly to stop the bleeding * thanks again * smiles *

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Cybele's Orphanage

Welcome to Cybele's Orphanage. All you poor, lost children can find a home here. You will be given a room, three meals a day and anything else you…

  1. dasbear1 I'm changing my character's age to 17. This is his new picture))

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Vampire x Slave

Humans are locked in cells, the only way to become free is if a vampire is to choose you for some reasons. Vampires see humans as pigs. They believe…

  1. bvby_angel @xxssunny just fill this out Name - Gender - Species - Age - Body Type - Relationship - optional S/O - Persona - Likes - optional Dislikes - optional

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