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Adoption Home.

•For everyone who wants to join and is in the rp please understand that we have more children then caretakers. So if you are a child dont come in…

  1. Spicyboi @thunderr ok))

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Blood Moon Bar

Wanna party with Hot girls and Hot guys then you've come to the right place! Welcome to Blood Moon Bar Everyone! …

  1. prismlady @starstruckk "I'M not drunk!" She puffs her cheeks and looks at @theoneandonly "Tell her I'm not drunk!"

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Kingdoms, Clans and packs. (Read AA)

Welcome to the kingdom were all species can find there kingdom and live an good life.... NOT!! ..... Where there is kingdoms there is war....and see…

  1. Dragneel_natsu @time_ @xuruhthegodofnegatoin @lurks *I punch the vampire my fist full of lightning* "SIS! LEAVE NOW! I'M FINE!

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Slave Adoption Center


  1. kingmoney55 @ohitsjustme because I'm poptart and your nickname is Nutella and I said Nutella and poptarts would be gucci af together I think you catch the drift😂

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The Bored Chat

For those of you who have nothing better to do, I invite you over to this chat. Because why not.…

  1. soul_eater_evans @kingshadow × @alyssa_the_inkling 100%✔💯❤ confirmed ship I ship it!!!!!!

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