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  1. Posted by floof ,

    Hey y'all, I have an announcement. Since I really don't care about this app anymore, feel free to join the discord server in the Aa. I'm privating this chat, but please do not abuse that to do as you please. That's all I'll ask. And please keep that message flowing along. I'll be deleting this app, too. It's just, it has no hope of getting any better due to the community. But, I hope y'all will be okay. I'll link the server just in case: https://discord.gg/2rFk6Pp See ya.

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    @bacon hi

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    @heo thxxx

  5. Posted by heo ,

    @hay_itz_ya_gurl -hugs-

  6. Posted by hi_imtrash ,

    @that1alien idk

  7. Posted by that1alien ,

    @hay_itz_ya_gurl Y is this me

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  9. Posted by sosasantana ,

    @killedherself hello

  10. Posted by that1alien ,

    Bello hoomans

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