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  1. Posted by grim43 ,

    @hauntedxheart dont ask lo l

  2. Posted by hauntedxheart ,


  3. Posted by grim43 ,

    Echii until i dye all those lolies call me (Senpai) Rubbing on her thighs she stay wet for her (senpai) Shawty so kawaii, and would die for her (senpai) Ride and watch hentai, all the time with (senpai)

  4. Posted by shadowfoxalex ,

    @killer_princess_lunaツ um no no cutting

  5. Posted by deftestmass ,

    @killer_princess_lunaツ Ah I see. It'll be temporary

  6. Posted by shadowfoxalex ,

    @killer_princess_lunaツ well they say taking a break would be good

  7. Posted by dove_the_insaneツ ,

    @datura my depression is bad rn

  8. Posted by deftestmass ,

    @killer_princess_lunaツ Oh? Why

  9. Posted by dove_the_insaneツ ,

    I might be leaving geeking

  10. Posted by dove_the_insaneツ ,

    @datura yea

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