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Teen Wolf RP||Bio Room||

  1. True_alphaツ Name: Roseline Middle name: Elizabeth Last name: Corinlos Nickname(s): Rosey, Rose, Chicà, Princess, Luna, rose petal, and angel. Age: 17 turning 18. Sexuality: Questioning Species: Werewolf Gender: Female Rank: Beta rn (but she is a true alpha) Relationship status: Single Crush(s) later on: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski (surprisingly), Theo, Issac, Liam, and maybe Derek (because he seems to pin her against something when he sees her its weird) Eyes: Hazel, Brown, and Blue. Golden wolf eyes. (Meaning she's innocent that she has never killed an innocent. She'll have red eyes when she becomes an alpha.) Likes: Wolves, animals, food, people who is trust worthy, cuddles, hugs, getting her hair brushed, massages, and having fun, exc... Dislikes: untrustworthy people, being told what to do, bullies, and bulling. ~Turn Ons~ Biting lip Abs Kisses in the neck Romantic guys Brown eyes Blue eyes Hazel eyes Ass grabbing Hugs from behind Guys who play instruments Guys who can sing Guys who have a perfect body. (When I think of more I'll add them to the bio) ~Turn Offs~ Weird fetishes Bullying Bullies Forcefulness Over dominance (When I think of more I'll add it to the bio) Personality: She is a True Alpha, sweet, innocent, clueless at times, smart, loving, kind, caring, independent, playful, fun, funny, out going most of the time, exc... ~Habits~ Biting her lip. Running her fingers through her hair. Playing instruments. Singing. Dancing. She gets cocky sometimes. She can get flirty sometimes. Being adorably sexy. Being incredibly hot. Thinking she's ugly but she's far from ugly. Disorders: PTSD, Server depression, ADHD, and bipolar.

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