The Boy In Blue

Summer, 2018, a string of killings have been sweeping through the small town of oak hills, the local police force hadn't encountered anything like it and needed to bring in someone else, someone more familiar with these cases, they brought in a detective from the city. Y/C is a doctor working in the one hospital that is in the town of oak hills, Y/C usually just deals with scrapes and small injuries as nothing serious usually happens in the town, until today when many police officers came to the hospital because of a fight that started due to a baseball game between the police and the fire department, the game got heated and people fought then went to the hospital to get patched up. Y/C would soon meet M/C, he's new to town causing and everyone knows everyone else in town, everyone apart from him that is. By the time Y/C got to the room he was already sitting on the hospital bed with a large cut under his eye and a few more cuts on his arms, one on his chest and some more on his face. This is one x one and I'm looking for a girl for the role of the doctor I'll be playing the cop, they'll begin to grow close as he works the case which could possibly affect your character depending on how it goes. This could deal with dark themes so maybe only come to do this rp if if you can deal with it. I'll ask for a character pic (No ANIME) and a short bio.

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"Are you scared?" "Yes." "Good." In a world where matching tattoos that you were born with determine your soulmate, it's natural that there would be a few polar opposites with matching tattoos. Meet the bad boys. They ran the school before these three transfer, adoptive sister girls arrived, almost immediately taking away the school's attention from the boys with their good looks and charming personalities. Of course, they would butt heads with those boys... But what the hell are they going to do when they realize that they're soulmates?! UPCOMING EVENTS: HOMECOMING, BETTER GET A DATE LOSERS RULES 1. This is semi literate, so use proper grammar, please. And no asterisks. 2. I'll deny and accept whoever I want. 3. Dirty to dms, nasties. 4. After I accept you, send a short bio of a character pic, //make it someone who actually looks high school age// a name, and an age. 5. Password is Role Emoji//@me. ROLES. The Girls. ____________ The Oldest Sister. 📚 //OPEN// - calm. - mature. - intelligent. - always has a plan. Background: It was her idea to transfer, what with the girl's parents being abusive. She needed to save her sisters, and is currently saving up to stay here. The Middle Sister. 💋 //TAKEN// - rebellious. - sarcastic. - skips classes. - could care less. Background: She was abused the most. It made her rough, dark, and uncaring about everything except her own sisters. The Youngest Sister. ✨ //TAKEN// - smol. - sweet. - sensitive. - wants to help. Background: The Older Sister and Middle Sister often protected her from being abused, so she wasn't as effected. She's the glue that keeps the sisters together. The Boys. ___________ The Leader. 🔥 //TAKEN// - Angry. - Jealous. - Will fight you. - Protective of loved ones. Background: He gave up looking for his soulmate a long time ago, and is constantly pissed because almost everyone at school has met their soulmate. The Heartless. 💔 //TAKEN// - Cold. - Bitter. - Sarcastic. - A sweetie, to the right people. Background: A girl who he believed to be his soulmate /but wasn't/ died in his arms after being in a car crash with him. The tragedy left him cold, and emotionless. The Player. 👊 //OPEN// - Playful. - Charming. - Flirtatious. - Loyal to his 'the one'. Background: He came from a well off family, and therefore doesn't appreciate much of what he has. He sleeps around a lot, because he wants to find 'the one'. Pairs~ The Oldest Sister x The Player. The Middle Sister x The Leader The Youngest Sister x The Heartless. Tattoos~ The Oldest Sister and The Player's matching soulmate tattoos, is a Black Yin //Oldest Sister's// and a White Yang //The Player's//. When they meet, they develop the other half of the symbol on their body. The Middle Sister and the Leader's matching soulmate tattoos, is a Moon //Middle Sister's// and a Sun //The Leader's//. When they meet, they develop the other half of the symbol on their body. The Youngest Sister and the Heartless's matching soulmate tattoos, is half of a red heart, //Youngest Sister's// and a half of a black heart //The Heartless's//. When they meet, they develop the other half of the symbol on their bodies.

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