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Kinky dirty rp friends group (soon to be private 18+ only)

Welcome to this private kinky rp group.. To start off we have some rules and must be followed.. We welcome everyone and LGBTQ friendly 🏳️‍🌈 Here are some rules follow or be removed! 1. Everyone must be 18 or above. ⚠️ 2. No advising to rp in dms.⚠️ 3. No kink shaming⚠️ 4. All kinks are welcome, but before you dive in ask the person if they are into or not with what you wish to try. ⚠️ ⚠️Pictures - Henti and nudes are allowed just please just dont spam the chat with them thanks. ⚠️ If you wish to add any of your kinky friends feel free to so with @.. If anyone wishes to be an admin please contact me.

  1. daurn_reddragon Ok i just got home need to do little tidying.. Feel free to read the aa @deathus_67 @randomdude206

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