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The Town Of SunView

The Town of Sun View is located on the bay, their sun sets are said to be the most beautiful of all. But this town is unlike any other. This town is home to both human and the supernatural. It has been made in hope that we can all coexist with one another. After some kid took a video of a vampire drinking blood at a bar. As you can expect everything just went well frankly everything went to shit. With people not knowing or understanding, people who were your day to day barbers or lawyers or even small children where imprisoned for what they were. For years werewolves, demons, spirits and even witches where imprisoned. Until we realized we had made a mistake. We let bias and fear rule our hearts, We hurt innocent people and tore families apart. The town of Sun View was built for humans and supernaturals to get a long. But with any town there’s drama, there’s fights and a lot more. People have been extremely accepting of people and what they are. Here are where their stories play out. —————- Hello! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you consider joining down below I’m going to list some roles that need to be filled and some rules. Due to my conflicting schedule and my work. I’m going to need an admin who can run things for me in my stead. ——————- Rules: 1:Bios are needed pictures are optional, you can have one or more characters you just need to get approval. 2:I cannot stress this enough, please no over powered characters. (Unfortunately I know there will be) I will allow it only if you can come up with an event. (Events in the town can be anything from a serial killer, a war between species with others in the cross hairs anything you can think of! Please message me first to get approval) 3: Please no suicide unless it contributes to the plot to make things more dramatic, or if you’re starting to get hella annoyed with your character. Just talk to me first and we can figure it out. 4: Please be respectful to everyone in the rp, if you have a problem let me know, or take it to the DMs. People are here to have fun. Not deal with petty bullshit. That’s for high school. Not an rp. 5: anything sexual above PG-13 needs to be in the DMs. -Rules can be added as we go. I will message everyone news and when events will start. Roles: Mayor: Doctor(s): Police: Town drunk: Business owners: Tailor: Librarian: Town witch: Lawyers: Teachers: Vampire coven: Werewolf pack:

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