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[I spent 5 months making this, so leave if you plan on only staying for a week. ] Hello, and welcome to the city of ignorance....at least that's how I see it. Most people choose to see it otherwise; like all worldly things people desire is technology and power. As for the name of the city it’s actually called D’Arc or the Arcane. 🍦 🍦 It's 3018 and technology has advanced significantly from the last centuries, abilities mastered with metal wristbands or any other form of accessories you want. This tech is called TC (Tech Change) allowed by the government are appearance change (like for say you want to look prettier, then you got your own Snapchat filter attached to you), clothing changes- wear whatever you want underneath but this new technology cloaks you in any clothing you want without having to change into any physical clothing. Although you still need to purchase even digital clothing, go to any store now and you'll find people clicking away on their TC screens as they stand inside a shop with holograms of models wearing whatever digital design clothing that store has to offer and it doesn't have to be just clothing, jewelry, and other accessories too. In order for your TC to acquire that specific item just click on the digital pad in front of the hologram and it'll automatically be added to your shopping list and you can pay for it at the front desk. Some people still choose to wear physical clothing like me because who wants to walk around half naked? No, cars are not flying just yet but they do float. You know with that glowing blue light underneath it like Tron? Yeah that's what it looks like! Yup celebrities still have the best housing and the rest of the working class below the high class is down in the slums like that movie GHOST. 🍷 The Darker Side 🍷 Most of you reading so far may like what your hearing but what you don't know is that the law enforcement is very strict nowadays. You steal food? Life in prison. You steal clothes or blankets because you're freezing to death? Life in prison. Fight a law enforcement officer for hurting innocent people? Death penalty. Did you know they've even created a chip that's been implanted into people's heads and central nervous system allowing them to gain 5x times more knowledge than the normal brain can take in which is how our scientists are successfully progressing in disease cures but what the citizens don't know is that there's another chip in the making which allows the government to tinker with your emotions and some memories to get others to do the governments bidding. Sure they found the cure to cancer but only the rich can afford it. But here's a plus side! Remember that little voice in your head saying that you can't keep going when your exercising? Well that little chip in your head has managed to mute that little voice so that you can exercise until your physical body can actually take no more. Guess what? These chips come with an AI which tell you what to do and where to go so they are basically your boss....hahaha I'm just kidding, they're simply your mothers reminding and guiding you through life. Here's the catch....anyone who doesn't have a chip installed is considered a threat and is marked for a kill order or to be subdued and taken into a medical center to have a chip installed. Some people decided to choose the ladder and take their own lives rather than be a slave or experiment to the new upcoming AI chip. 🌐AI Chip🌐 The AI was given the name Arya. All the AI chips are the same, only difference is the lower status you have less abilities your chip grants you. Abilities that expand strength, knowledge, speed, sight, smell, and agility come at a price; a very high price. Only the highest ranking members working for the government are granted free abilities, such ass law enforcers like detectives, soldiers, officers, firefighters, all of them. But once they resign their abilities are once again stripped away. If you decide to call in sick don't think they can't track your location back to the coffee shop where you decided work can wait a day. Trust me....they'll suspend you for pulling that kind of mockery. The new AI chip will be named Link. It can alter memories and emotions but is currently being experimented on some citizens that won't be missed like : homeless people, lower class people without a voice since they can not afford lawyers. ⚔️ The Rebels ⚔️ There's not much of a resistance but it's starting to grow....I am Allura but most of the law enforcers and soldiers know me for my relentless drive to destroy this disgrace of a government. After getting hit on the back of my neck with an electrical charged baton by a robotic law enforcer my chip shorted out and the imperials no longer had control over me and any knowledge of my whereabouts but some how I still kept the small good perks about it, after that my AI became my assistant rather than my boss. Ther chip no longer gave away my location to the enemies. I've helped a few other rebels alter their chips after I had a scientist show me the ways around the tech. Nowadays I send them to my old friend Glen who is a better expert at altering chips than I. Oh you want me to go back to why I got hit with a baton by a robot enforcer? Well where should I start? Of course at the beginning... I was a skilled detective and I was sent to an investigation but I picked up the wrong clues apparently. Clues that lead to government related officials, "the higher ups" as you would call it. It was a murder scene....of two thousand people in the south side of the city where a lot of the poor working class lived. A bomb was set off in the oldest building structure of the city which would lead to an easy domino effect of crushing hundreds of people. Guess who wanted that land to build more TC research buildings and robot manufacturing buildings? All in order to serve the governments needs; don't ask me because that's what I was trying to find out before I was about to be assassinated by the very robots that are meant to protect the city! Wanna know who ordered the hit? I found out it was the imperial captain. Fortunately Glen my guard but I prefer to call him my best friend, saved my sorry ass. So that proved my theory that some one upstairs didn't want people poking any further. That's when I figured I would not stand for a government that would murder people just to control the rest. Now....we must find those who are against the original system of 'free will' like the weeds from the good. Plus side is Glen still works as a guard dog at the bureau and is undercover. (3-4 abilities) Rebel Leader: Allura (she is vital character so I think it bet that someone who is highly active and creative play as her. I'll give more details upon your request to be her.) - @priscilla_ Co Leader: Glen (Another vital character which I'll Dm details upon request) -@ The spies - - Arms dealers - - Members -@ -@charlievictory -@fettuccine_alfredo - Solo Rebels -@Nocturn - 〽️Government officials〽️ (Their in charge of giving orders to the imperial guard. They often communicate with them by phone since visits to the bureau are rare.) -@Cyanide - - - 📍The Imperial guard (more like assassins📍(3 abilities granted, sometimes four) Hope you don't end up on their naughty list because they deliver a whole lot worse than coal.~ They do the governments dirty work...well at least that's what they were trained to do. They work alongside the detectives at the intelligence bureau. Talk about having a gun to your back huh? They too have guard dogs but since they are highly trained it's not often you see them with one. Wanna see their psycho pass with your dominator detectives? Well that's unfortunate since the dominators can never get a read on them, only their names and ranks are given. They are at the bureau to keep an eye on the detectives that have the same tendencies to get their nose into the wrong business like Allura. Remember keep those enemies closer to you! If you fail to keep the governments secret agenda under wraps then they'll have Link (the new chip implanted within the back of their neck which is connected to the brain) unlock the setting to hide your Psycho Pass from the law enforcement. Often imperials were killers before they worked as guards but some were capable of convincing their mind to still be innocent which kept their psycho pass in the green zone. Not to worry, the government officials got all the dirt on you in their files and are ready to 'out' you the minute you step out of line. ....well there's still a plus side 😈you can kill whoever you desire, so long as you can cover it up, unless the captain or lieutenant order otherwise. Captain-@direct Lieutenant- Tracker- Member-@dailygrind Member- Member- (Infinite. Let me know if you want me to add a role to this section) 🚬Guard Dogs from the psycho ward🚬 Let's get one thing straight....they are NOT dogs but their treated like it. These people entered the yellow zone and have no chance at recovery and still have not gotten to the red zone so are considered expendable. Your job is to protect your detectives or imperial guard from being captured by any threat to keep their psycho pass in the clear. If you fail then back to the dog pound you go! - - - - - 📕📗📘📙Psycho Pass levels (Pass levels are basically your guilty conscious. The more you have a tendency to have murderous thoughts the more your mind slips into the dangerous zones. 📘-Clear skies my friend, your basically a complete angel and have nothing but happy thoughts in mind. 📗Green zone- Your mind is steady and healthy 📙Yellow Zone- The mind is being tainted with thoughts of revenge, unnecessary murder, torture and are on the verge of slipping. You may have experienced or witnessed something of the sort such as: unnecessary murder, rape, torture, and if you stay here too long you'll be in danger of going to the red zone. It is recommended for those in this zone to go to therapy. 🥃Orange zone- Basically those who are in the deep mucks of the yellow zone and have no chance at recovery in any life time but still have some morals. Basically they kill but kill for a decent reason even if it's the wrong thing to do. 📕Red Zone- Now deemed a danger to society your at no chance of coming back from the void of murderous intent. 💣Psychos on the detectives watch list🗡 This is where you crazy wackos come into play. They are the ones that detectives are sent out to subdue and deliver to the Pyscho ward to be evaluated. Detectives dominators have deemed you a threat to society after your psycho pass has entered the yellow and red zone, so stand down and become a prisoner over a lifetime or run and cause mayhem! High profiles targets (Incredibly dangerous and are Red Zoners, dominators are set at elimination mode automatically) - - - Unidentified targets (still in need of being evaluated by dominators) - - - - - Low profiled targets (Those who have a chance at recovery and dominators automatically set to tranquilizer mode) - - - - 👣Additional detail?👣 This rp is not only a mix of GHOST, it's also a mix of Psycho Pass. So detectives like Allura had guard dogs that were deemed by society as "mentally insane" or "unstable". Although they are trusted because they promised them freedom if they served and protect the detectives for seventeen more or less years. These guards still have a collar on them which had trackers so that a detective knows where they are at all times and most detectives have two guards at their side. Detectives have the right to shoot their guard if they believe they are far too uncontrollable at that moment. Their dominators (a technically advanced gun) are usually set to tranquilizer mode so it'll only put them to sleep for about an hour. Because usually when their guards are recruited from the crazy house their Psycho Pass is not too far gone but is still considered dangerous. Glen was Allura's guard before she was framed as a traitor for abandoning the crime scene to sell the information to some underground rebels. Glen knew better so when she returned under the radar he helped her as much as he could without having his new boss find out about his little rendezvous's. 🥀Be weary when dominators are set on neutralizing mode they become deadly laser canons.🥀 🎯Locations🎯 There are a lot of rebel hideouts underneath the city which look like bar clubs and don't smell like a sewer like most expect it would. Glen is the co-founder of one of the biggest rebel groups which Allura original formed but started working alone due to having such a huge target on her back she figured it would be less dangerous for the others if she stayed away and worked on her own most of the time. Although she knows her limits and will soon come back to join the hideout of rebels she rescued. 🚋 Main Underground hideout 🚋 1 -Surveillance room 2-training room 3-sleeping quarters 4-med bay 5-science lab 6-founders & co-founders office 7- wash room 8- meeting room 9- prison/ interrogation rooms Scientists - - Doctors - - Nurses - The intelligence bureau is in the North of the City. Floor 7-The top part of the building is where the detectives and guards work at their desk where they type up reports of their previous mission or find their next one. Floor 6- gym, pool, and balcony Floor 5- cafeteria also has a large balcony with tables to eat outside Flour 4- living quarters for guards (they need to keep a close eye on these ones) Floor 3- For those detectives who prefer to live at work Floor 2- Med Bay/Medical center (those who get injured during an investigation) Floor 1- waiting room for loved ones to drop off home made lunch 😂 Floor -1: Surveillance room for level -2 Floor -2: Temporary prison and interrogation rooms Floor Negative -1 : Unknown Floor Negative -2:Unknown Floor Negative -3:Unknown Floor Negative -4:Unknown ⚜️The Heads of the Bureau⚜️ (assigns missions and is in charge of giving orders to detectives on the field.) -@direct (acting as an example until the others get a hang of the plot) -@ -@ 🕶Detectives 🕶 Team 1 Captain - Co captain - Member - - - Team 2 Captain - Co captain - Member - - - Team 3 Captain - Co captain - Member - - - 💊Medical center/ lab 💊(lab is next door to medical center within headquarters that's why) Doctors - - - Nurses - - - Scientists - - - Physical Therapists - - - 🌷Citizens🌷 Just the regular locals that work at cafes, bars, stores, and etc. They are in danger of becoming victims to the wandering threat of psychos which is why detectives make it their jobs to protect them. - - - - - ⚗️Psycho Ward/Prison💉 Just where your regular psychotic murders go from low level security to the highest level of dangers. After being evaluated to determine once more the persons threat level by psycho pass they are escorted to there floor of four different security zones: low, medium, high, and advanced security. Guards - - - Low level prisoners - - - Medium level prisoners - - - High level prisoners - - - Advanced level prisoners - - - 🌹Rules🌹 1. NO ONE LINERS, always and I mean ALWAYS have at least a full paragraph, meaning only Semi literates and above are allowed entry. 6-7 + Lines only 2. No OOC chat in the rp room 3. I don't need to tell you this but dirty to Dms 4. Play as many characters as you want as long as you can handle it! 5. Vital characters deaths such as Allura's and Glen's will be determined by me the owner. If you have a suggestion then I'll hear it out. 6. Don't be overly OP or I will mutilate...I mean humiliate your character, all within character :) 7. If you join as a vital character and then leave for 48 hours I'll automatically remove you. No questions asked. So make sure to tell me before you take a league of absence. It would suck to keep everyone on pause because the leader took off. 7.1- Don’t get me wrong we could use some temporary rp members since there are A LOT of roles. So I’m accepting players who just wanna play a scene but leave later that day. I’ll dm you when you should bring your temporary character into play. Like it would make a good scene if that person was a Psycho, but just know since you chose to be a temporary character then they’ll end up being killed. 8. There will be a bio room so BIO AND PIC REQUIRED there 9. Use third person 10. When speaking use quotation marks “” not * 11. Remember I am the Owner and I have a couple of events up my sleeve so if I want to change an outcome of anything throughout the rp then trust I am doing it for the sake of a good storyline. ⚠️Warning ⚠️ This rp will contain gore, violence, drugs, rape (you won't be seeing it if course but during cases some of the victims will say that's what happened.) [If you want me to add roles then let me know. If you wanna be a cafe manager then I'll put you as a cafe manager! 😂 Don't be afraid to tell me.] 🛑There is no password but don’t worry, I’ll know when you don’t read the Aa~🛑

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Permafrost (futuristic arctic warfare RP)

Hello and welcome to permafrost the the war for a random Tundra/Taiga planet 1 1/6 Au from its own star (astronomical units (distance from earth to the sun) the planet is a rocky planet and for later mentioned reasons is 1.5x larger than Jupiter they have essentially the same wildlife but more dangerous (we’ll get more in depth about that later) this RP takes place in 3542 on an unnamed planet details listed above Storyline You are here to fight for your company country or whatever else you can come up with but basically your goal is to kill and survive Unwritten laws (rules) Dirty must go to the dm it says 18+ for blood and gore If you die you make another character or watch No taming any leviathan it’s a terrible idea Bio template Name: Age: Gender: Loadout: (doesn’t have to be futuristic or discriptive) Backstory: optional Appearance: optional can also be represented by a pic Local wildlife Wracakope: like a dear mixed with a bear and a porcupine and screams like a banshee travels in hauntings and throws quills at targets and then eats the body lives in the wooded areas Brostilin: a flying creature that spits highly corrosive acid strong enough to melt through your boot in 50 min and has sharp quills that it can throw at a target and then eats it travels in large murders throughout the entire planet sounds like a possessed dolphin Leviathan creatures: giant serpents that live in clouds snow and iced over oceans after 1 year are large enough to swallow 10000 men whole details are following sound like a whale but louder and more bone chilling Snow leviathan: the smallest of the leviathans sneaks up through deep snow areas and swallows the prey whole is blind and finds pray through electric signals Ice leviathan: the middle ranged leviathan not very sneaky lives in iced over oceans which commonly have pretty thick ice sheets in order to leap out of the ice to catch its prey it generates lots of body heat it has lots of bioluminescence along the side and has long crooked teeth Cloud leviathan: looks like a huge cloud until it moves to attack the largest of the leviathans it takes the static electricity from the surrounding clouds and uses it to electrocute it’s pray before eating it whole Brecmalen: a creature similar to a snake but with legs large enough to bite around a commercial airliner not large enough to be a leviathan it’s skin is rather warm and usually hibernates under the ice until disturbed sounds like a basilisk Shemmalen: similar to a brecmalen but half the size and only eats corpses left by other creatures has razor sharp quills it throws by swinging its tail when it roars it sounds like an air raid siren mixed with a cow Sakishamuasen: a thought to be extinct creature that can snap a cloud leviathan in half between its jaws has quills like almost everything else and resembles a crocodile rabbit and flying squirrel eats any living creature on sight Have fun

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