🍭💕Sugar babies🍭💕 (Read the Aa)

New york,  a city of love lust and deceit.  It's a cold business world out there.  Maybe someone should've told that to these 3 girls,  moving out of small town Ohio.  They're just getting out of college and now their moving to the big Apple hoping to make their dreams come true.  An actress,  who just wants to be popular,  A business woman who just wants to be respected,  And a singer who just wants to make people happy. They all move into an apartment building,  each only a few doors down from each other.  Soon they all get their "big break" but what they don't know is this world is hard and it won't be easy.  Especially when they're bosses are so sexy.  gιяℓѕ ❤ ᎢᎻᎬ ᎪᏟᎢᎡᎬᏚᏚ 💋    ❌ @Cherry_ She's stunning,  has a face for the big screens.  She has talent and everyone knows it. She grew up with very little,  but her parents wanted her to have a good future so they splurged most of their money on acting lessons and put whatever they could into her college fund.  She made it out of Ohio with her best friends she met in college. Moving to New york with only $400,  a huge respect for family and a dream.  She gets an audition for a big romance movie and nails it.  But what'll happen when she meets her costar? ᴛʜᴇ ᴀssɪsᴛᴀɴᴛ 🌹   ❌ @kittten As beautiful and innocent as a rose, she grew up in a decent middle class household. Her mother being a nurse and her father a banker. She was around her father a lot,  so she always had a thing for business. She wanted to own her own company one day,  and she knew the only way to do that was through her studies.  She worked hard throughout school,  always getting good grades and saving up her college fund with whatever money she had. One day she got a scholarship to go to a nice college she obviously took the offer and kept the money she had saved over the years. After college she convinced the actress and the singer to move to New york with her. When they agreed they packed and left within a week.  She finally got her break when she got the position to be the personal assistant of a billionaire CEO. But when she starts work,  will his seductive charm and looks keep her from focusing on the task at hand? ᏆhᎬ sᎥᏁᎶᎬᏒ 🎤   ✅ Your average hometown sweetheart.  She grew up singing in church,  her father was a preacher in the neighborhood church.  Her mother died when she was a little girl. Everyone tells her she has a voice of an angel just like her mother did.  The church put a collection together to send her to college.  In college she met her 2 best friends,  the assistant and the actress. The assistant finally convinced her to move to New york with the girls.  When she got to New york,  a week before the other 2 she got signed by a big record label after she put out a few original songs out on youtube. She loves the work and being able to sing professionally.  But will she be able to keep resisting her Sexy producer's charm? mαlєѕ тнe ғlιrтy acтor 🎬  ❌ @_dick He's been in a dozen big action and romance movies.  Pretty much every girl dreams of being with him. He's always a flirt and loves to lead girls on,  but he never uses them for their bodies.  When he meets his new costar on the set of his newest movie,  he's captivated by her beauty and charisma.  He feels something different about her and he has to have her.  ᴛʜᴇ sᴇᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴄᴇᴏ 💵  ✅ He is beyond sexy,  he created a huge investment company 2 years ago and now he's one of the top billionaires in the US.  He never keeps a girl for more than a night,  usually their just arm candy for events and such which is why he got the title heartbreaker.o You could probably count at least one girl running out of his office crying everyday. He has a tendency to bring his flings to work when he gets bored.  He can never keep an assistant for more than a month because they piss him off or he just gets bored of them.  When he meets the assistant, She enchants him with her beauty and charm. From the moment she walked in the door,  he knew he had to have her, and from that moment on she became his, even if she didn't know it yet.  T͢h͢e͢ c͢u͢t͢e͢ p͢ro͢d͢u͢c͢e͢r 🎹   ✅ He has always had a thing for music,  but he's better at writing and producing it than singing it.  He's never been much of a flirt but when he meets the singer, He loves everything about her, her personality, her looks, and most of all her voice.  Something about her inspires him and she becomes his muse. Now he's always flirting with her while she in the booth,  just so he can see that gorgeous smile of hers.  He wants her,  and he's determined to make her his.  яυℓєѕ Dirty to the DM, kissing/making out and some steamy stuff is allowed but once clothes come off take it to the dm Don't be an ass ooc Romance doesn't happen over night, it's okay to flirt but don't rush things Have a good looking oc,  I mean come on it's not hard I will not be adding more roles if it's taken its taken,  don't whine about it. No one liners 7+ lines at least,  I'd like this to be advanced lit have good grammar Use // or )) or occ Real life pics only Rpass is dm me your bio with the role you want at the top Pass below is fake Long detailed bios preferred Drama encouraged, in character only Any drama ooc take it to the dm ✅= available ❓= reserved ❌= hop off XD//taken Ships 💋X🎬 🌹X💵 🎤X🎹 Pass is role emoji,  New York, and @kittten

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supernatural 1v1 roleplay

• simi-lit • we will double up characters • I will play my oc and your male character and vise versa for you • dm me

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