This is a 1 on 1 romance dirty Rp about a young singer who sang and entertained the American army recruits at times of war and distress. In such a masculine atmosphere, Peggy Carter felt an urge for lust and personal joy- however, none of these men were her type. She wasn't the one nights stand kinda gal. So, several months after the singer was hired to set up and entertain the army in the bar set up for the recruits in the military camp, he was a major success and everyone loved him. He sang many patriotic songs and mimicked Early songwriters who were quite famous at their times. He is funny adorable and very lovely and gentle. He caused trouble quite often- being cheeky and young, and he got called into her office after being caught sneaking his best friends out of the military camp for a 'nights out'.

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Ginga Gakuen//must read Aa

Welcome, to Ginga Gakuen, the highschool fkying in the stars. Races from all across the galaxy coke to this prestigious school, to prove to the galaxy they have potential for greatness. Of course, even they are greater than soke others, hence the nomination system. Let us list off the main nominees. Ginga Bishounen(Galactic pretty boy): The ginga bishounen is the main topic of females all across the school. Spanking good looks and skills that make a player look like a newb. He could possibly have any woman in the school he could want, even some of the teachers would fawn over him. Ginga Hime-sama (Galactic princess): She is a princess and they all treat her like one. Wherever she goes, you can count on an enterouge to be there to tend to her needs. From buying her food to brushing her hair, both males and females idolize her as the school's most prestigious lady Ginga senpai: Everyone's favourite senior is awarded this. This student looks out for his/her underclassmen and is often seen at the scene of every conflict, trying to break it up. His/her track record is the cleanest and is the most well-behaved of all the students Ginga gaijin: (galactic outsider) @fallendeity14: This award is rarely given out. It goes to whoever stands out the most and is a rare species to be seen in the academy. The reason for this rarity is that the only way for this to be given out, is to have a rare species attend the school Ginga tenchi (galactic angel): Now ive seen good kids before, but this girl/boy trumps them all. Like an angel graced this student, the ginga tenshi is the one that helps everyone. He/she is freinds with all the students and teachers, helping with homework, school projects, and doing a few favors for the teachers. Our own little angel. Of course, there are nominees for other things but those are the most important! Remember, members of all species attend this academy! From vampires to the most alien of aliens. So come, prove your worth to the galaxy!! * 2+ lones * password is:....trollvester * if a maon role is taken, make a bio anyway. Everyone is important, even if you arent a nominee * if you choose to be one of the nominees, your bio must go in line with the description for what you're nominated for, NO EXCEPTIONS!! * bio n pic required of course.

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