The messengers

Welcome to the messengers You are in a class of elite parkour enthusiast during the fall of the country you rose into dominance over the classic postal service of the dark web as the government started checking all package after the bombing of all the state buildings. You have one goal to get your package to its owner at all costs even if violence is involved. You will not ruin the name of the ninjabike. You can tell them apart from anyone by the messenger bag. You shall never harm your fellow class members if any rumors are hear of it you get dismissed from the order and publicly executed. In front of any new recruits.

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Angel and Demon Academy RP!! MUST READ AA BEFORE JOINING!! Anyone can join!

(I will be adding to the aa every now and then, sooo keep an eye out :p)) Welcome to the Coelum Infernum Academy, this is a school located deep in the woods where young angel's and demon's come to learn how to control their powers, learn to fight, make friends, find love, ect. This school includes a flying course/area for angels and demons to fly, a training area where you can battle one another, and dorms that have enough to space to fit two people. But be warn, the forest is not always safe, there are lots of interesting and sometimes dangerous creatures that roam and stalk through the shadows, watching you, waiting for the right moment to strike... The school does a have a peace treaty that must be respected by both species (or any other super natural being that wishes to join.) in order to keep everyone at bay. Event: Prom is coming! Get your dates, dresses and anything else you can get your hands on to be ready. The prom will based after alice in wonderland! Month: April Season: It's finally getting warm out! The snow is melting away, and flowers are soon to sprout! Get outside and enjoy the rain before rain starts to fall! Time: what ever your time zone is XP Head admins: 1. @furry_boy 2. @ 3. @ 4. @ 5. @ Rules: 1. ONLY admins can be half angel and demon (due to reasons so don't ask if you can be half and half!) 2. Romance is allowed 3. Forbidden love is allowed 4. LBGT friendly 5. Dirty to Dm 6. Respect everyone and the admins! (If you don't you will be blocked without warning) 7. No oping, god mode or immortality!! (Only admins, including one of my characters are op, soooo don't ask/claim to be op, you will be blocked if this rule is not respected) 8. No auto hitting or killing without permission (you will be blocked if you don't respect this rule) 9. Bio and pic to join 10. If you have a problem with someone or something, Dm me or one of the admins 11. Furry angel's and demon's are welcomed 12. Powers are allowed 13. Respect the teachers please 14. Admin is earned, not given (unless I know you or you're an admin in one of my other groups) 15. You can have five characters (just indicate which one you are rping as please) 16. NO GODS OR GODDESSES!! Or Demi gods/goddess!! 17. MUST TYPE IN THE RIGHT PASSWORD BEFORE JOINING!! (No one will give any hints or tell you what it is, meaning you MUST READ THE AA!!)) 18. No mini guns, guns, explosive ammo, ect (automatic cross bows are okay) 19. Three strikes and you're out! (Or automatic ban if you do something very fucked up) 20. No seraph Angels or demons (dm if you want to be one) 21. This is a judge free place, so feel free to be who you are and rp however feels right/comfortable :p 22. No space, time bending or explosive powers (unless you are an admin, other than that, it's not fair to the rest of us) 23. If me or an admin tells you to stop or drop something, then listen. (It says to type Surfing but type Aqua once you have read all this) 24. Auto dodging is okay, but keep it at a minimum, it gets annoying/unfair and will be counted as strike if abused 25. Dm me your bio or dm it to admin after getting the password right please 26. No time skipping. 27. No killing yourself over someone dumping you (this is supposed to be a happy place) 28. No having kids

  1. gam30v3r_603482122 silvermoonangel_gam30v3r Name: Mizumi Nicknames: -Missy -mizu -Mimi Age: -21 years old Species: Human Sex: -female Nationality: -Unknown. Height: 5'5" Weight: -110lbs Body type: -thin, hint of abs. Eye color: Light brown when she is sad. Deep brown when happy or excited. Hair color: Black and blue, long. Skintone: Overall pale skintone, pink/rose coloured cheeks. Clothes: usually a white t-shirt, along with jean shorts. -Depends on the day and her mood Jewelry: -N/A Tattoos: -A rose growing up her side Birthmarks/scars: -A rubber ducky shaped birthmark under her right boob. -A small burn scar across her arm Personality: - Shy, soft spoken most of the time unless she knows you. - Kinda an airhead, always spacing out and messing things up. - Daredevil, likes to push peoples buttons to see how they react. -Careful, only when it comes to loving others. - Childish, likes to bite and cries when she gets called names or picked on. -Has an amazing sense of humor. History: Will be revield by her as you get to know her.

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