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Shadowhunters and the Apostles! Try number two

After the incursion, among the 1st nephilim to change some were blessed with the blood of the archangel Michael With fewer runes these hunters can call upon the powers of The Angel and use his runes to apply heavenly fire to their blades, become invisible even if others have the Sight and due to having the strongest of the angels blood in them they're natural strength was increased to an incredible extant than an ordinary Shadowhunter While the other Nephilim were blessed by Raziel through the Instruments, Michael instead passed it on by marking the mundanes personally with his blood. Without The Mortal Cup for the people to directly ingest the blood of The Angel, The Ascension process is more intense and the risks are even greater for a Mundane to undergo it. Although the pain is multiplied it could be lessened if a Shadowhunter we're to try using one due to their already Angelic nature, Just experiencing one of Michael's runes passes the ability and understanding of the rune used and, in the rarest occasions, transforms the hunter completely. Stripping them completely of their runes the hunter will have to Ascend once again reborn as one of Michael's hunters. As other hunters have the Angelic power rune, the Apostles first rune through ceremony is the heavenly fire rune, fitting them seeing that their origin is through Michael who's used such Flames to defeat his traitorous brothers. set out with the same mission as the other Nephilim but to the extreme levels of assassination, impersonation, and murder, they have been working under the radar since the begining only concerning themselves with greater demonic issues and Earth's political stands to keep the downworlders from populating the mundane world Free from the Accords and the authority of the Clave the Apostles were able to resolve issues overlooked by the Clave or restricted by the Accords Leaving only the myth of their Covenant and the unsolved mysteries that followed With limited knowledge of their existence Downworlders had no reason to believe of Nephilims involvement which allowed them to build institutions closer and more strategically to areas most active with demons and more populated with mundanes What if theres another group of people who hunt down rogue vampires and faeries and werewolfs other than the shadowhunters? And this group school is in Ireland and thats why people don't know about it as much? And one day one of these people have to come to the shadowhunters to ask them for some help to find an bad guy who has been killing some of their kind and he also been killing some shadowhunters too. Will the shadowhunters work together with this other group or not? If not more of their people will die. So this will be in the states and Ireland too please keep that in mind. Plot still in progress , as well as names and timeline etc; So I will need peoples thoughts about it please. You can be as many characters as you want to. Its ok if you don't know the books or know the books. By the way there will be an password at the very end of this so we will know if you didn't read the whole thing The names with * I think are good ones and the ones with ** would be one of the main roles Feel free to change it all up just lmk what you think please. Roles Shadowhunters: Apostles Maddison shieldwell Mia** FullWinter Rebecca Autumnsun** Sofia**Amberspark* Victoria Fairsmith** Logan** Graycreek** Matthew Dreambranch** Michael** Nightwine Dominic Snowthorn Thomas Havenhallow** The bad guy: Roleplaying Rules Use " " for role-play and ( ) for ooc convos to keep from confusing each other Other than kissing and hugs goes in dms please Romance is allowed, all kinds Drama is definitely allowed too Cursing is definitely allowed but not too much please 3 warnings before getting kicked Character rules Not to overpowered please. Must have a weakness. Can't kill another rp oc without consent. Bio and picture please! Can be anime or real Password: "Descensus Averno facilis est"

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