~living together~ //Read aa//

Teens live together ~LIMITED SPOTS~ One of the popular girls in the local high school rented a beach house for summer break and her parents made her invited people that she wouldn't normally invite. What's will happen? Will love bloom or will even more hate burn like a fire?(rooms listed at very bottom) _________________ ~Rules~ •2+ lines •No one liners •Rooms listed at bottom •Dirty to DM •No bullying OOC •Cheating, drugs, alcohol allowed •Self harm, suicide. Ect. Not allowed •LGBTQ+ accepted •When talking OOC please use ), } or ] •Listen to owner and admins! Include others please •pass: @succulentッ / Role •Bio and pic (no anime pics, irl pics but not pics of yourself) ________________ 🚺Female🚺 🎨Artist: 👽Outcast: 😊Popular: 🚬Bad girl: 🚹Male🚹 🎶Musician: 📚bookworm: 💊Druggie: @succulentッ //Caleb Donovan 💀Badass: Password: gender, state role and favourite emoji Ex. Male, bookworm, 🥀(or whatever your favourite emoji is) 《Rooms/places》 8 bedrooms(all on top floor) 8 bathrooms(attached to each room) Living room(with video games and movies, main floor) 2 kitchens (one on main floor and one in basement) 2 bars(one outside and one in basement) Beach, hot tub and deejay set up (out back) Small town(to get food and stuff) (That's all I can think of rn)

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