Boarding School for Supernatural

Welcome, today is your first day? I do hope you will find everything you need and more here. This school is a safe space for young adults to practice and study and their genetic predispositions in peace. I know the human world can be a bit... cruel over people like us, but here you are welcome. Angels, demons, sorcerers, vampires, the lot. You have a home here. I only hope you do follow our rules. They are very simple: 1) no fighting unless it is done in out state of the art sparring arena. 2) no disrespecting those appointed above you. 3) no public displays of affection. Follow our rules and your stay here will be pleasant and easy. —

  1. obiwancanblowme If I invited you you don’t have to stay it was just because I like you, but I might be butthurt if you leave me.

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Lewd Nude Brigade

Chat, Roleplay, Post memes and lewd pics Yo You already know that the fuck it is You already know what the fuck it is Rules: -Don't be an asshole -Annoyances will be terminated - When posting lewd pics you cannot post gore/scat/ insert weird fetish -Have fun - I hate femboys and traps I have no wild berry gf goodnight

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