The Dark Times : A Literate Harry Potter RP

BACKGROUND: The year is 1997, and the Wizarding World is under siege. Lord Voldemort and his dark forces are seemingly anywhere and everywhere. The foulest of foul magical creatures are either allied or under his control. The Ministry of Magic has almost fallen, despite Scrimgeour’s resolve, and all foreign wizarding governments are too scared to take action against the great masses of the Death Eaters. The Dark Lord's servants have teamed up with the darkest and vilest wizards and witches who have agreed to administrate the Ministry. The only one Voldemort ever feared, Albus Dumbledore, was murdered by a wizard whom he trusted. His Order of the Phoenix has weakened and dwindled down to a few, so "hope" nowadays is a word rarely used in an affirmative way. It has gotten so bad that the Muggle world has noticed the mass murders, but only the Prime Minister and Chief Diplomats of countries know the true origin of the genocides. Yet in the worst of times, when all seems lost, the best come out in people, and the best people come out. The password is gender, year, house, @ an admin. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have decided to not attend Hogwarts for the stead of finding Voldemort's horcruxes, and do their vital part in the fight to take back peace and order. The Wizarding World exists on, under the the hard scrutiny of dark wizards. People still go to work, and young ones still attend school. Most citizens now have to look over their shoulders here and there. HOGWARTS BACKGROUND: Hogwarts still will take session, yet under a whole new leadership. Severus Snape is headmaster, and the Carrows, Alecto and Amycus, “teach” Muggle Studies and the Dark Arts courses. Punishments are expected to be more severe, especially with the Carrows, with anything and everything limited to killing students. Soon, Muggle-Borns will be eliminated from the education process, and then no doubt assassinated once they have been ex-communicated from magical education. RP BACKGROUND: We will all start out at the Start-of-Term Feast. We will background the events at Hogwarts School in what would be Harry's seventh year. Be careful in choosing your age, because all under wizarding age (17) will not be permitted to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts later on. I will allow sixth and fifth years to fight depending upon their RP literacy and the events that unfold. Throughout the year at the school we will shadow and background the happenings of the school, and mess with SOME of the canon characters. No major story changes that affect the canon are permitted. RP RULES: 1. Do NOT join this RP if you are NOT willing to be advanced literate, or do not know enough to be advanced literate in a Harry Potter RP. You should know most of the material. 2. I will allow FIVE sixth or seventh year non-Slytherin OCs besides myself to have been in and apart of the D.A. I say that specifically because it doesn't make sense canonically. 3. I will allow SIX seventh year Slytherin OCs to be student Death Eaters. 4. I don't mind OOC, just keep it marked with a bracket of some kind via ), )), }, }, etc. 5. Keep anything past making out to the DM. 6. No spam. I consider all OOC drama spam as well. 7. This is SEMI-LIT, SO GIVE ME AT LEAST 5 LINES per entry. However, if I give less than that, then you may until I once again give 4+ lines. 8. Fuck yes, swearing is allowed. Just keep it to a minimum. 9. LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 is always welcome. I'm an open-minded person. Hate towards them will NOT be tolerated here. 10. Respect the admins. ADMIN RULES: 1. If you want to become an admin, act like one even if you aren't one! Help people out and make sure the RP is constantly literate. Trust me, I notice your good deeds. 2. You must be familiar with every rule I put here in the Aa, as well as all backgrounds and settings. 3. If I give you a blue shield, I'm putting my trust in your hands. Don't abuse the power. You should be responsible enough to make the decision whether or not to ban someone. 4. If you abuse your blue shield, and ban for an immature reason or become a bother, I can and will revoke it. admins: - - - - HOW TO JOIN: 1. Send in the password. It's up there in the Aa. Can't find it? Read it again....and again....and again. 2. Once an admin acknowledges that your password is correct, you will make a bio and DM it to them. They will deny or approve, and if they approve you are free to hop in. 3. I would advise copying your bio. You will most likely need to have it saved somewhere in the future. AVAILABLE BIO FORMAT: *for optional use, not required* ~Note: Collages must be of real people, not of anime characters. Name REAL (Picture) Gender *collages are ok* Age Wizarding Blood Status **** House Year Wand Info Patronus (5th Years +) **** Personality Likes Dislikes Background (short) **** Best Subject Worst Subject Student Death Eaters: *7th year Slytherins only* - - - - - - D.A. OCs: *6th/7th year G’s|R’s|H’s only* G - Braeden Etson G - R - R - H - H - Animagi (0/5) *animals must vary* - - - - - Prodigious Wizards (1/4) *one per house, 7th years only* G - Braeden Etson H - R - S - STUDENT CHART: *will be expanded upon necessity* Gryffindor: [7th] Braeden Etson @statuesque Hufflepuff: Ravenclaw: Slytherin:

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Doalim || EXO RP

Doalim - EXO A living space and performing arts study area for fallen angels. The rules are simple. 1. Don't disrespect leaders or senior angels 2. Don't harm other angels. 3. Don't try to go back to heaven. It's not like you'll get back in anyways. Actual Rules -if the clothes are coming off, they need to be in your dms -no anime or furry, etc. face claims please -don’t be an ass ooc -that’s about it for now -send your role (and picture if oc) + “purple” to join -3+ lines please Now we'll get into everyone's roles. 🌑ᏞᎬᎪᎠᎬᎡᏚ🌑 They've been here the longest. They created this place. They are usually cold and heartless to everyone except the senior angels. They rip out wings so be careful and follow the rules. Wing color: Black with gold outline Yifan(Kris) - Junmyeon(Suho) - 🌑ᏚᎬNᏆᎾᎡ ᎪNᏩᎬᏞᏚ🌑 They are second in charge and basically have the same power as the leaders and have been around about as long as them but they chose to not be in charge. They're assholes to everyone unless they're among themselves. Wing color: maroon with gold outline Minseok(Xiumin) - Chanyeol - Zitao - Haneul - minseokiee 🌑ᒍᏌNᏆᎾᎡ ᎪNᏩᎬᏞᏚ🌑 They're not new but they still have a lot to learn. They always seem to have an attitude, but in reality they're just trying to fit in. They usually show the newbies around. Wing color: Purple and dark blue Luhan - Jongdae(Chen) - Kyungsoo(D.O) - Jongin (Kai) - OC - 🌑NᎬᏔᏴᏆᎬᏚ🌑 They were just kicked from heaven. Please protect them. They're scared and they don't know what's going on. You better be on your best behavior and put up a good front because you could easily become a toy to the leaders and senior angels. Wing color: Still in light colors. Will eventually become darker. Yixing(Lay) - Baekhyun - Sehun - OC -

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