Dm me a plot # or few to create an rp! Any gender welcome

//We can also combine plots or use you’re ideas too if you have any or want to add anything to mine// 1: “We’ve been best friends for practically our whole lives but you’re a thousand times more popular than me so you dragged me to a big party and now we’re playing spin the bottle and you spin and it lands on me oh crap” AU 2: Demon (you) x Human (me) 3: Two friends get into an argument, and the popular friend knows it wasn’t right to leave on the note, so she sneaks to the punk’s house, and the punk sneaks her in. They argue quietly until the popular raises her voice. Since punk’s Mom does not know popular is there, punk friend pins her to the wall and tried to make her quiet intimidating her, and we go on for there. Basically this popular girl realizing she is gay and that shit. (CAN BE RP’D AS STRAIGHT/BXB!!!) 4: Character A is a major flirt to high school’s shyest person, Character B. They are always pinning them to the walls between classes and sending flirty notes during class. Character A loved seeing Character B practically melt at their actions and so on... 5: Riverdale/Supernatural rp! Canon (I will play) x your oc/canon & canon (you will play) x my oc/canon 6: Vampire x Human (kidnap, slave, causal encounter, and/or mix with other plot) More plots in bio // I’m sub/switch, female, and do NOTHING irl, all rp// Kik: deadlyoreos Dm me to rp there or on here

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Sky Ridge high

Hello! If you are receiving this letter you have been accepted to Sky Ridge high a school for super heros and villians alike, this school is on a island, i know your probably wondering" wait how do i get there " well a plane comes and gets you and you will be put into a dorm with someone Sincerely, The principal Sky ridge high is a glamourus school with wonderful teachers, you have been accepted there because tge teachers and staff are tired of you having to hid your beautiful gift! Rules 1) swearing is allowed 2) partying is allowed 3) dirty to dm, you can still flirt 4) LGBT+ 5) real password is: 💎 6) makeout and stuff is allowed 7) have fun! 8) include everyone 9) up to 2 powers but 4 if you are a polymorphic super hero 10) im open to idea's Places to explore Cafe Mall Dorms School The whole island basically The beach Freshman ( 2 polymorphic sups) - - - - - - - - Sophomores ( 1 polymorphic sup) - holland martin ( 16, me, polymorphic) - - - - - - - Juniors (2 polymorphic sups) - - - - - - - - Seniors ( 2 polymorphic sups allowed) - - - - - - - - Password: i dont read rules

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