The Steele Family

Welcome to The Steel Family. We are pretty chill but we come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to join our lovely family, please submit a bio and include which role you would like to play so the info can be updated. No incest in my holy server! Take that to DMS! This goes for anything beyond PG rating(kisses, hugs, mild playful groping) You may have "friends' but be sure to tell me about them. Friends are characters outside the family (love interests, friends, enemies, neighbors, etc) If you have any ideas for more rules or characters feel free to DM me. (The roles can always be expanded, but no one person is having like 10 kids, come on) Mom- Dad- Daughters- Sons- Aunt 1- Uncle 1- Daughters- Sons- Dads parents- Mom- Dad- Moms parents- Mom- Dad-

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The mind’s eye... (read aa, then dm)

Dm me if you’re interested in rping this!)) The Mindspace is a part of people’s minds, a place that is the visual representation of one’s conscious and unconscious mind. There are a dozen or so people who can access this place, allowing them to live forever in the minds of others. They can even influence the minds they enter a bit, changing small details until they aren’t the same person anymore. (Your OC) has just been “infected” with one of these mind-walkers, and they have big plans for their new plaything...

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