Godzilla: Generations

Plot: When Godzilla died after his final fight against Earths greatest enemies, his soul was split into multiple aspects of inherited power, which shortly imprinted on multiple people and gifted them with the powers of the mighty beast and his multiple forms over the years. These beings called the Inherited share the power bestowed upon them from Godzilla, allowing them the ability to change into one of Godzilla’s past forms, granting immense powers with the cost of destruction and the retaliation of mankind. Some never unlocked this power, but when they do are taken by the new G-force; an international agency tasked with finding these gifted people as well as other Kaiju in order to defend the planet from alien threats. Rules: - 3+ lines at least - romance, whether straight or LGBT is allowed - dirty to Dm - you can be other Kaiju e.g. Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah etc - you can be OC - keep this alive as best as you can - if you have any questions(story, character etc) DM me Characters: Planet: Legendary: Shin: Comic: Final wars: GMK: 2000: Zilla: 1980: 1970: Original/ Kiryu:

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