Blind Love || Shounen-ai/Yaoi || 18+ Scenario

M/c is a blind, unfortunate soul who is from a poor family. He has his own seeing-eye dog that is a border-collie and never goes anywhere without her. One day, she got off her leash while he was inside a retail store getting some practicals. It caused him to fall down, and his dog ran outside the store and got away. Unfortunately, there was no way he could possibly go after her with his vision as bad as it was, but there seemed to be a helping hand at his side. He felt y/c ruffle up his hair, a big hand that he wasn't expecting. He didn't hear the chattering of other people, so he was nervous momentarily. But then he could feel this mystery man cup his jaw. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he was a sweating mess, and his face was on fire. "Excuse me, did you see where my dog went? I'm blind and-" he spoke up, though his words were utterly useless. What the man said slightly terrified him. "Your dog? It ruined my store and then ran out. It must have been startled." And then there was a long pause before either of them said anything else. However, y/c seemed to be less threatening. "You're lucky I'm thirty minutes from closing time. How are you going to pay for this? I know you, your mother, and your sister don't have a lot of funding. Do you have anything to spark my interest?" Y/c spoke with a low, almost intoxicating voice, and moved his hand down m/c's neck. "Eh? Something..." M/c froze up, chills being sent down his entire body. He swore he felt like he was on fire, despite the goosebumps covering his skin. What could this man possibly want from him? He didn't know, but the hand on his neck was making him feel oddly shy, and possibly aroused. --- Okay, so basically this plot is cliche, I know. I wanted to do a more cute idea where m/c is a blind boy (age 22-26) who has had to go through several treatments for his eyes, therefore sending his family plundering into debt. Y/c is a man who owns the retail store (and isn't rich, but he gets around) and he can be age 24-28. I want this idea to be dirty, but with a sweet twist. I think what I'm looking for is y/c to take m/c home and make love to him, but in a sensual way, and not at all rough. This way m/c won't feel threatened, and will learn thoroughly and eventually that y/c loves to make him feel good, and take care of him. I want this to be long-term, but it will have a lot of smut, so please understand. We can send our bios as soon as we clear up some misconceptions. I haven't worked it all out yet, but I'm pretty sure we can just start off where I left off up there? Anyway, your bio must include the things I send in my format once we agree, and these things are my guidelines: Y/c must • be Japanese (m/c will be too) • dominant/top • somewhat attractive, and not a creep • have a picture in a Japanese anime style I'm still working on my bio, but I will still have these same guidelines, except my character will be the sub/bottom. Other guidelines: • be at least two-para advanced literate. I'm novella. • be okay to initiate a lot of the sexual activity • be okay with asking me if you're not sure about something, or if you'd like to add a kink/plot twist I also like the idea that y/c will turn m/c into a big pervert because of how many times they have sex. I've seen that a lot in hentai and it's cute.

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Fight Club - Don’t come to talk

Tag someone and begin your fight. Simple Rules: 1) No auto-hits. It is frowned upon and will get you banned 2) Keep the chitchat to a minimum, this is a fighting arena 3) Don’t whine and complain when you leave something it of you post and it is used against you. Nothing is insinuated. Write it, or it didn’t happen. 4) Use ooc marks to indicated you are speaking out of roleplay. 5) Keep your porn to yourself. Current contenders: @Swordswoman aka Musashi [ To be added to the list of fighters, please just ask. ]

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