🌿A E S T H E T I C🌿 S E L F L O VE 🌿

Send aesthetic music an learn how to love yourself 🌿💗 💓Glamorize the concept of self love And treating everyone you encounter with kindness💓 🌿Make it cool to follow your dreams and go to bed at a healthy hours🌿 💛 Normalize therapy and connections having to do with mental health💛 🦋 Our World is incredible 🦋 ☘️ We have colors and sounds and dogs and emotions☘️ 📖 books to read, movies to watch, and songs to sing 📖 🌹 Some times were Lucky and fall in Love🌹 🌱We’ve invented things we didn’t think were possible 🌱 ✨This life is a crazy and beautiful miracle, embrace it✨ 💓This Chat Was Created To Love The earth, who you are, and heal over what you’ve gone through. 💓

  1. myah___ Hello :) i just updated the Aa take a read.

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1x1 Partner Wanted

Hello Everyone. I am looking for a RP Partner who can play as a male character opposite one of my many female OC's. You must be able to type at least five lines. Below are some topics I am interested in. Bad Boy/Good Girl Vampire King/Human Demon/Angel Scientist/Expiriment Reaper/Human Royal/Servant Draco Malfoy/OC Harry Potter/OC Kylo Ren/OC

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