Family but not |roleplay|

Owner: ShadowPLgirl Rules: ♦ don't be mean to others ♦ don't have Mary Sue/Gary Stu character ♦ don't use swear words to often ♦ English please (you can use other languages if it is a part of your character's personality) If you join you must describe your character 1. Name 2. Gender 3. Age 4. Personality (3 advantages and 3 disadvantages) 5. Abilities 6. Species 7. Some informations you want to add about character

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Halo: Forces of the Covenant RP (Read Aa)

Plot: RP takes place between 2530 - 2550. Covenant units will be sent out on missions against the Humans or the Heretics. This RP is really only Covenant based. You can be whichever Covenant race you want. Elite Hunter Brute Skirmisher Jackal Drone Grunt Engineer Prophet Post your OC in the chat or if you choose an already existing character, post it and I will place it in here. Use a pic too and name rank if needed (exceptions being part of a special forces unit).

  1. ranger_fist_7 Name: Etlivus Foramee Race: Elite Rank or Group: Lights of Sanghelios Weapons: Energy Sword and Carbine Bio: Etlivus is a member of the Covenant Honor Guard and is often accompanied by a group of Skirmishers. Etlivus has a strict code of honor and refuses to fight opponents who do not have a weapon to defend themselves.

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