• A Different Type•

~Plot~ Vampires and werewolves had been living in secret among the human race. Most were able to contain their beastly urges and fit into a normally human society without being suspected. Most humans merely thought of them as fairy tails anyways. Vampires sometimes found it hard to just live off of animal blood instead of getting it from humans. Especially those who had grown up feasting on humans. Werewolves on the other hand found it hard to control their tempers and keep from transforming. 🌏Area🌏 Fayetteville, West Virginia 🍁Season🍁 Winter •Rules• •LGBTQ+ welcomed! ~No killing without the the other person's permission. ~5+ lines ~Cussing allowed ~Romance and Drama encouraged ~Only real pictures ~password is role, age, gender, and character's name. ~Password at bottom is fake. ~Dirty = DM ~Have contact with other characters. •Vampires• ~ (m) ~ (m) ~ (m) ~ (f) ~ (f) ~ (f) •Werewolves• ~ (m) ~ (m) ~ (m) ~ (f) Rose Price, 18 ~ (f) ~ (f) Password: Cherry Bomb

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Chill n art

Hey. Talk about art or InuYasha. Don't be a asshole.

  1. PSA That is beautiful

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