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- Back Story - Long ago, it was discovered that some beings were born with mystical gifts that bordered the fabrics of reality. Living with such gifts were, at first, considered to be the upmost honor. One could only dream to wake with such power. These beings, soon named Witches and Warlocks, were worshipped for their wide array of abilities. They were often thought of as peacekeepers, healers, teachers, and even storytellers. But that all changed the day a young Warlock found a strange black book buried under the base of the largest tree in the Faywood Forest. The book contained nothing but darkness and all that was evil in the world. Darkness overcame the boy and destruction was brought over the lands of Esiri, nothing standing in his way. The young boy once known as Bram, became the first Necromancer, the darkest Warlock to ever live. After decades of battles, and thousands of lost souls, five Warlocks and Witches emerged from the ash covered land. Dubbed the Light Casters, these were no ordinary beings. They alone took Bram down, cursing him to the wastes of Kirdosa to be imprisoned for all of eternity. Though all did not return to peace after the Necromancer was defeated. Those without the gift of magic began to fear those who did, unsure if they could be trusted with such powers. The Kelri was formed, a group of cutthroat hunters with only one thing in mind, rid the world of magic. This forced all Witches and Warlocks into hiding, in fear that they would be slain like so many of their other brothers and sisters. The Light Casters, once heroes, disappeared from the land. It is unknown whether or not they went into hiding or they too were slain by the Kelri. -Present- Nearly five-hundred years has passed with Warlocks and Witches in hiding, and those suspected being captured, most gifted beings go unnoticed. They chose lives that divert attention away from themselves, never staying in one place for too long. Never telling a soul that they are gifted with such abilities in fear of being reported and taken to Whitpost, a legendary Kelri outpost that specializes in cruel tortures. Despite the dangers and unruly enemies, the gifted ones pray for their Light Casters to return and free them from their lives of oppression. _________ Discord is weird with links, so if the link doesn't work add me on discord or DM me for a new link. https://discord.gg/VUfcURY or add me at Sennet#6516

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The Cursed

The Cursed~ DESCRIPTION Long ago, when the world was new, a council of gods were placed to govern the land. These weren't just any immortal rulers, they were Dragon Lords. They reigned righteously with enough pride to maintain their positions, but enough humility to seek nothing but the thanks of their subjects. In return for being seen as superior, they'd select someone to join the council every thousand years. The time eventually came and came and came, and a total of 5 dragons were chosen to rule. Then a 6th approached. He was strong and an ambitious leader with the confidence to be great! However, it seemed his determination to prove himself was second to none and became a fatal flaw. On a rampage of self-absorption, the Lord attempted to recreate humans to show his power. Due to the foul intentions behind this, the new race was born corrupt. Their hearts were poisoned by cruelty and sin. The means of their existence turned healthy and faithful against the Dragon Lords. The lots exiled him and the other council members in outrage. Within another thousand years, the hate spread like wildfire, burning many until they too lost their humility and went after others. Peace was lost... Now, in a desperate stance, remaining survivors turned to their old protectors -but, they were long gone. They abandoned their posts as wished. Thankfully, not before leaving descendants behind. It is now THEIR job to act as societies salvation and defeat the source of the darkness. - DRAGON LORDS _ |Name |Order of Existence |Elemental Power |Eye Color of Descendants Prius #1 Earth; Rock, Terrain Green Salus #2 Fire; Flames Black Tribus #3 Water Blue Altus #4 Ice; Frost White Bertus #5 Vegetation; Plants Purple Cassius #6 Destruction and Devastation Red - CHARACTER OPTIONS •Descendants One of the 6 Dragon Lords; undergo an awakening. Important!!! ^* AN AWAKENING... An awakening is a phrase used to describe a descendant experiencing a spiritual encounter with their Dragon ancestor. It can end in a total of 3 ways: 1. Mage If a descendant is chosen to become a mage, then they receive their elemental powers depending upon their ancestor. 2. Draquen A descendent receives the ability to transform into a Dragon form and receives a surge of strength from the shift. 3. Morgue (RARE) Every 55 years, a exceptionally talented mage is born with abilities that almost exactly resemble that of their Dragon ancestor's. •Humans Northerner(Gray Eyes) or Southerner(Brown Eyes) *TO HUMANS, DESCENDANTS EITHER HAVE BROWN OR GRAY EYES. - CHARACTERS Humans~ Southerners_ • • • Northerners_ • • • Descendants~ #1 Prius Damion, 43_ Leader of the Stronghold and Camp (Played by me) • • • #2 Salus • Mindy, 20 (Played by me) • • #3 Tribus • • • #4 Altus • • • #5 Bertus • • • #6 Cassius • Brisa, 25 • RESERVED Brisa's Little Brother, 12 • - LOCATIONS South: ABANDONED fields and swamps swarming with hoard after hoard of evil creatures. Very little survivors remain here and those that do last at most a week. North: The only safe region... The Stronghold The meeting place of the Dragon Lords. A gigantic fort with entrances only by air and a cave lined with deadly traps(endless abyss,etc). Landing here by air is tricky considering the entire structure is but a reflection across the island. It is flipped to throw off enemies. Only the most trusted stay here and descendants with the purest heart get a room reserved. • The Camp Humans and newly rescued descendants stay here. A small village of cottages recovered from the war of good and evil have been saved and turned into homes for survivors. It is protected by dragons and a tall wooden gate surrounding the community. • The Ice Cave In the northern land of ice, towering walls of ice loom around sacred property of the 4th Dragon Lord Altus. Icicles hang and creatures of his creation lurk: spirits of ice that enjoy shifting from one animal state to another between the snow piles. • The Congregation A group of gathered humans and descendants that are devoted to the 6th reside with manipulative hearts and plotting minds. The camp is only a cluster of temporary tents with 24/7 guards. • The WOODS A dangerous place crawling with evil and the stench of the south. It is always a good idea to enter the dense trees with a companions: someone who can fight or you can run faster than... ...more will be added~ - Creatures ZNICHAR Yellow-eyed beats that can mimic a human's form. They prefer innocent appearances such as a young child or handsome/ beautiful individual. When choosing to show their true nature, these beings grow to a height of about 8ft when on all 4's and can be compared to a hideous dog only with claws like swords and spikes in the place of fur. THE PLAGUED Soulless humans that bring death. Their form is unchangeable however, it matters little; they're unstoppable. They infect others. With elongated talons, they attack swiftly and pierce their victim's heart. The victim is corrupted and then turn into the same monster soon after, lost with nothing but hatred in mind. ...more to come~ - CHARACTER APPLICATION +EXAMPLES Name Dragon Ancestor Age(Please be 20^ unless the YOUNGER siblings of someone) Gender Hair Color Picture Awakened Results(If) Ex. Mage, Draqen Draqen(If) DESCRIPTION Small Background Relatives? Other(If) My Characters~💕 Brisa Descendant of Cassius 25 Years Female Brunette Draqen: A large dragon compared to most with a sharp snout and sleek scales of crimson. Her bite is bone shattering and the bond she shares with her ancestor calls for an even more terrifying gaze of scarlett. Born into a family of outcasts, Brisa faced discrimination from other descending families from a young age. This caused the decision to side with Cassius against the other Dragon Lords fairly easy. There was no self- reflection in the decision. Because of her heritage, the cruelty needed to make that decision was placed in her heart at birth and there it stayed with fatal intentions. Relatives: A DECEASED mother and father that were abandoned to Znichar at Cassius' orders and a preserved little brother she treasures. • • • Mindy Descendant of Salus 20 Years Female Blonde Morgue: Possesses elemental abilities that almost/ nearly resemble that of her Dragon ancestor. Fire happens to be the source of her exceptional magic. She was brought into the camp at age 12 after loosing her grandmother to a group of plagued. Noticing her heritage and the potentiometer behind her distance, she was granted access to the stronghold after theories were assured with the sight of the force behind her awakening. She was trained and eventually became a daughter figure to Damion. Now, she ranks as not the strongest, but one of the most trusted mages. Relatives: DECEASED grandmother. - RULES + REGULATIONS We're all grown ups here. I will add RULES as I seem necessary but for now, behave yourself. Considering there are no regulations, I as the owner of this Rp have the reserved right to correct any behavior I see unfit. RULES ADDED: a)at least one paragraph-5 plus lines. b)you are allowed two character IF I believe you are responsible enough for more than one. admin receive 3 and can raise that # if they play extras c)first or third person is fine DISCIPLINE SYSTEM 1. Warning 2. Death of Character/ Reset 3. Temporary Suspension 4. Banning & Reported *if there is not a rule against that behavior yet, consider it a freebie for helping me see what needs adjusting but I will have my eye on you and punishment may be longer and harsher. - Special thanks to Magmi~ • • • UPDATES AND RECENT INFORMATION: 1. Ways to reach admin privileges will be posted soon. 2. The Rp will start at my command.

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