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Detroit: Become Human Rp [Read Aa]

Detroit: Become Human [Read Aa] (Plot W.I.P) Rules: You can be cano or oc's, Android or human, it doesn't really matter to me No spam, it gets irritating ya know? Cursing is allowed, keep it to a minimum Cuddles and kisses are allowed, pantsdrop to Dms No killing someone if they don't want to be killed, ask them first before taking the privilege of stealing their soul ._. 3+ Line please, I'm not joking it's a little pathetic doing one liners, no offense Don't harass, bully, or make fun of people 3 strikes and your out for 24 hours, if broke the rules again, banned permanently There is a pass so be patient Bio and pic are required if you have an Oc, I will make a bio template, hopefully it will be good enough for you Pass is- Moment Of Truth Connor Bio template Name- Age/Model- Gender-(just say no gender if you are a Android) S/O-(humans only) Weapons(deviants and humans are the only one to possess firearms, if you are not a deviant just say none) Likes- Dislikes- Backstory-(optional) (Will add more if given advice)

  1. ABYSSWALKER When you join just post bio and pic))

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