A H e a r t

A H e a r t Is something everyone is born with, a little beauty mark heart signaling their forever lover. You never know where it’s placed, for wherever it is you can feel what they feel, hear that they hear, taste what they taste. All those weird things Rules 1. Dirty to dms, thanks 2. Yes drugs and alcohol are allowed, it’s highschool. If you don’t have it at yours god bless your soul 3. No controlling someone’s characters 4 include everyone or I’ll literally go insane and don’t bully anyone 5. Semi to advance lit so come on kiddos I wanna see paragraphs :) Roles 🏆 Legend He’s known for his incredible skills in all the sports he participated in, especially basketball and football. He had everyone screaming his name and people wanting him to go to their college. For that he’s insanely cocky, but hey who isn’t if they have all of that? He’s won MVP multiple times and still maintains good grades. Legends get what they want always, so why can’t he get the girl? [@ ] 💍 Drama Queen She’s well you know very dramatic and man is it a talent, always participated in drama club. She actually have a scholarship to Juliard because of it, always sitting on a thrown she’s a bitch really. The guys fall at their feet for her but she doesn’t care because she’s after someone who she can’t reach. Cue the dramatic music [@ ] 👹 The Devil Yes, him. This man is known for how foul and awful he is as a person, just pure hatred. Everyone calls him Satan because they are afraid of burning if they get too close. Even though he’s that way he still maintains a high GPA, being a bad boy of the school doesn’t harm him. But the girl he wants, is putting his fire out. [@ ] 💔 Heartbreaker This woman is known for those harsh words that spill from those beautiful lips she has. Always dissing guys and telling them no, she’s earned a name for herself. Her blunt personality and disinterest in people is what makes her, herself. Although with people she still feels fine, she just never wants to say yes. Except one guy wants to make her say yes [@dedicatedsin ] 🎉 Partier Always host and throw parties you can get enough of him, he’s the eye catcher of everyone. Doing the most when little is needed, if you need a party he’s here. You’ll never see him miss anything, even with that his grades are sky high. Except the girl he wants, is a bit overboard [@ ] 💊 Drug Rug She’s known for holding almost every drug you can possibly think of in this world. It doesn’t mean she’s done them, only maybe half but she never gets addicted. All she ever does it smoke weed, it’s the only one she’s with. Never getting caught you should see those grades, and are they good. Why is it that she’s impurity and he’s purity? [@ ] I made these couples interesting ;))) 🏆Legend + 💊Drug Rug 🎉Partier + 💍 Drama Queen 👹Devil + 💔Heart Breaker The password is the emoji of the role and say “A heart” 😁

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Kingdom of Nix || Read AA ||

In the Kingdom of Nix war has just ended that are entering a time of peace. But how long will there peace last. The the Kingdom of Nix a select few have powers. Not all have them but to be a archer, knight, or assassin you have to have one. ~ROLES~ 👑Royals👑 King: Princes: 1. 2. 3. Princess: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (We can have a queen but the king gets to pick her) ⚜️ Warriors ⚜️ Captain of Knights: Captain of Archers Captain of Assassin: Knights: Archers: Assassins: 🔰 Towns people 🔰 🔆Events 🔆 Rules 1. To join must put in bio (bio template at bottom) 2. No OOC bullying 3. Use // or )) when out of character 4. 3+ lines 5. Must have a pic 6. LGBT friendly 7. Two warnings that it 8. Respect Admins 9. You can have up to 3 power no more than that Bio template Name- Gender- Age- Role- Personality- (Can add whatever)

  1. lizzie_lunamarie Hello, may I join?//

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