Mpreg rp (read AA, dm me, 1 on 1)

I only play submissive characters don't beg me to be the Dom it will never happen, below is the plots we'll likely make the ideas up as we go. Please direct message me don't message in the group Abusive relationship Gijinka x human (or another gijinka) Spirit guardian x human Godly/demonic animal x human hanahaki diseased x healthy man Animaloid x human (preferably one who hates animaloid Strings of fate arranged marriage (biological or not) vampire x werewolf merman x human (or merman) bunny x prince popstar x fan (or celebrity) shifter x scientist project x scientist Butler x master beast x sorcerer alien x astronaut (or human) thief x thief prince x peasant kidnapped x kidnapper past imaginary friend x human medic x fighter cyborg x Creator Nurse x Doctor Killer x Victim Boss x employee Criminal x Criminal Kingdom Wars Criminal x Detective Superhero x Villain Hunter x Hunted Pirate x Royal Prisoner x Guard. detective x detective vampire x vampire Werewolf x werewolf Werewolf x vampire Werewolf x hunter Vampire x hunter Demon x human Demon x demon Circus crew (this means that you and the partner is in the circus together) Circus x outsider Mentally ill x nurse Famous x Bodyguard Famous x regular monster guy x guy College student x office worker hybrid x human Crossdresser x guy Flirty x uptight Flirty x shy Innocent x experienced King x peasant Prince x thief Prince x slave Unwanted pregnancy (Drug / alcohol) addict x clean man

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