Apocalypse Roleplay (version 2)

《Please dm the creator the information of you character and message in the chat so yo uh could be placed in》 《Chat will go private after a certain amount of people or until ask before》 {Cussing and violence is allowed, there are no line limits either} 《Setting》 It's been a year since the zombies of other known was Walkers break out. Not many people are left alive and are forced to scavenge and search for supplies and food. This takes place in a small town where everyone is scavenging threw some of the buildings and stores and can end up running into each other, either being hostile or friendly. The rest of the plot will be made up as it goes along. 《Characters》 ♡♡

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Loki x OC

I need someone to play Loki in my Loki x my OC roleplay. DM me 'Sassgard' if you're interested and want the plot and more details, tnx✌

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