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  1. Posted by lazy_river22 ,

    @lunamoonlightツ I'm post my role I'm a 14 year old boy with vocal manipulation and turning to anything I want ppl and animal objects and telekinesis

  2. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    @lazy_river22 did you see me mention you in the chat?that's where you post your bio and role . ))

  3. Posted by lazy_river22 ,

    Everything wat do I do now

  4. Posted by lazy_river22 ,

    I read the bio and everthing

  5. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    @lazy_river22 ^^

  6. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    In the actual chat ?

  7. Posted by lazy_river22 ,

    I'm done reading

  8. Posted by lazy_river22 ,

    I just did it

  9. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    Whoops yes I'll add you sorry. Doing that now ......

  10. Posted by tsukiko_shido ,

    @lazy_river22 yes you can. Read the Aa, Bio, and role ^-^)))

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