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Semi-Lit Supernatural RP (With Random Encounters!) Bio Room

  1. ace_knight 《 basics》Emma Full Name: Emma Knight Name meaning: Nobel Universe Nickname: Em, Emmy Age: Unknown Gender: Female Blood type: 0- Sexual Orientation: Straight Occupation: Performer/Herbalist Dominant hand: Left Language(s):English 《Appearance》 Skin tone: Pale Eye Color: Crystal Blue Hair Color: Blonde/Dyed blue and green Hair length: long Hair style:straight and wavy 《Physical features》 Body build: Slim and curvy Height: 4'10 Tattoos: None Birthmarks: A small rose on her right wrist Scars: small ones Other noticeable marks:none Clothing style: sweaters and skinny jeans 《personality》 Positive Traits: caring and gently, helpful Negative Traits: pushed her self to help others 《misc》 Hobbies: Reading and Music Favorite book: All Favorite movie: All Disney Favorite song: N/A Favorite video game: N/A Pets: None Habits: Playing with her lips Fears: Being alone, Being Left, watching others getting hurt Talents: Music/Piano/Violin/Singing/Guitar Flaws: Doubts her every steps 《Likes ♡》 Animal Music Food in general 《Dislikes ♤》 Being alone Dark Snakes Loud people Bitchy people Ones who try and destroy what she loves. ||PureBlood Werewolf|| (Was gonna do vampire but why not. I’ll share her other form later.))

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[Supernatural] Bio room

  1. corpse_bride 🥀Basics🥀 First name: Ryan Middle: Avon Last: Drex Age: 17 Gender: female Languages: English Accent: none Ability: ice manipulation 🥀Appearance🥀 Height: 5”9 Weight: 130lbs Eye color: Brown Hair color: green Piercings: ears and nose 🥀Likes🥀 Cats Music Musicals Thunderstorms Blankets Cuddling Drawing Winter 🥀Dislikes🥀 Assholes Clowns Hot weather Eggs Snakes Bugs Talking Too much social interaction 🥀Personality🥀 Quiet Shy Kind Easily scared Easily angered ‘Fuck the world’ attitude Sarcastic

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Supernatural Highschool

  1. jeffory name:Jin okumura age:18 gender:male personality:nice,kind, caring,strong,cute,funny background:unknow (he cant remember his past) powers:clone,disguise, shapeshift,barrior,bone shift(can shapeshift his hands into weapons like swords,war hammers,scyths,daggers,and war axes) extra: has 10 powerful forms he dosent like to show unless nessacary

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