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Recruitment for a Literate Star wars RP set in the Old Republic era

  1. Cinnamon_wrecker Hello everyone that joined or will join, before you settle down I'd like to explain a few things about this Roleplay. The Roleplay is going to be set during the Old Republic Era, so we will most likely not use the same title, but a similar one. Second, there will be limited Jedi spots. The reason for this is that I dont want Jedi running literally EVERYWHERE, so if you want to reserve a Jedi spot for you, DM me #SpotSaved, the first 5 people to do so will have a Jedi spot for them, and if they do not join it will be up for free grabs. There is also the same system for a Sith, the first 5 people to DM me #SpotSaved | Sith, will have a Sith spot reserved. The Padawan and Sith apprentice will not have this system. If you are a Padawan or apprentice of any kind, your master must DM me and ask me if you can be a Jedi or Sith, if I think you are ready, I will allow it. Bounty Hunters, Clone Troopers, Sith Warriors, Citizens, Poloticians, etc, will not folloe this system. If you hsve any other questions, just DM or ask me in the chat.

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