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Soul eater: The witches wails bio room

  1. Barkbox64 Name:echo rin Nickname:soundwave Gender:male Age:16 D.o.b:3/17 Sexuality:bisexual Height:5'3" Weight:135 Body type:scronny Hair color:metallic silver Hair length:medium leagth Hair style:fethered Weapon/technician: weapon Blood Type:A+ Nationality:Caucasian P.ob: Philadelphia Eye sight:    20/20 Weapon form(s):A silver bell with a handle that has four 3 inch long spikes on it. (Its essentially a bell mixed with a mace) Soul type(optional):demon weapon Soul wavelength type (optional):healing Theme (what the character is based off of this is optional as well): music involving bells Voice(ex: very effeminate or masculine ):somewhat deep voice Accent:none Soul appearance: •Color:silver •Shape: round •Facial appearance: grinning Personality:echo is very energetic male who loves to meet and joke around with people, along with his energetic tendencies echo can become quite......loud when he experiences certain emotions Good traits •exteramly talkative •very very generous Bad Traits •easily distracted •exteramly loud when angry or flustered Likes: •competing agianst people •joking around with people •being outside Dislikes: •reading •sitting in place for to long •school work Fears:failure Mental disorder(s):ADHD Health problem(s):none Clothes: •At home:boxers and a baggy T-shirt •At school:jeans and a loose fitting T-shirt •In town:same as school Color scheme for clothes;silver and black Accessories(ex: jewelry,hat's ext):none Eye color: •Left:cyan •Right:cyan Scars:none Tattoos: none Percings:none Birth marks: none Family: Dad:shiro rin Mother:aki rin Siblings:none Relatives:none Pets:none Other:none Fighting style/martial art: none Abilities: While in his weapon form echos chimes create powerfull sound waves that can disturb a souls wavelength causing them to be staggered in someway Echo can also create healing chimes that heal small cuts and bruises If weapon, soul resonence move(s): Gods whisper: by sending both his and his meisters waveleagth into his waveleagth echo creates very powerful sound waves that destroy the ground around the meister along with destroying the ground the move can also severely damage a persons soul causing them to be limited with their abilites. <+stats->  [1-10] must have more than one stat under 5. Strength [  5  ] Speed [  3  ] Reflexes [  5  ] Agility [  2  ] Madness [  7  ] Stamina  [  5  ] Durability  [  6  ] Defense  [  3  ] Attack  [  7  ] Soul projection [  10  ] Luck  [  3  ] Intelligence [  4  ] Charisma [  6  ] [This bio template is owned by @barkbox64 please do not steal this and claim it as your own] Still needs work but whateva

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