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Soul eater: a souls breaking point bio room

  1. _demonempress_ || 2nd OC || Name: Sayuri Kazumatsu Nickname: Gender: Female Age: 16 D.o.b: January 2nd Sexuality: Bisexual Height: 5'0 ft. Weight: 98 pounds Weapon/Meister: Meister/Weapon Hybrid Blood Type: A Nationality: Japanese P.ob: Nagasaki, Japan. Languages: English and Japanese Eye sight: 20/20 Weapon form(s): N/A Soul type: Strong Soul Soul wavelength type: Healing Wavelength Soul appearance: •Color: Violet •Shape: Round •Facial appearance: Hesitant Personality: Sayuri is a genuinely generous and warm hearted female who is willing to put others well being over her own. She is incredibly loyal and at times, she can be brutally honest, despite not purposely doing it to hurt others feelings. Overprotective of her friends and family, her persona changes drastically when anyone she cares about is threatened or harmed. When that happens, she lets her emotions get the better of her which causes her to act recklessly. Good traits •Intelligent •Loyal •Generous •Trustworthy •Protective Bad Traits •Tends to overthink sometimes •Let's her emotions get the best of her in battle •Reckless at times •Hesitant •Distant at times Likes: Green Tea, fuzzy blankets, reading, classical music, animals, helping others. Dislikes: Loud music/loud people, thunderstorms, arrogance, betrayal/being lied to and having things/secrets hidden from her. Fears: Being useless, watching others get hurt, and failure. Mental disorder(s): Anxiety Health problem(s): N/A [Clothes] •At home: Long baggy sweaters and shorts. •At school: A long sleeve white collared dress shirt, a medium grey vest, a blue striped tie, a black and grey plaid skirt and black ballet flats. •In town: A black long sleeve sweater, denim shorts and black converse sneakers. [Appearance] Eye color~ •Left: Violet •Right: Violet Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Mid back length Skin Tone: Fair Body Type: Petite Scars: None Tattoos: None Percings: None Family~ Dad: Kaito Kazumatsu Mother: Riyuki Kazumatsu Siblings: Sachi Kazumatsu (younger sister) Relatives: Unknown Pets: None Fighting style/martial art: •Muay Thai •Jujutsu Abilities: •Soul Perception •Soul Menace •Two Palm Soul Menace– Twin Spears •Being a weapon/meister hybrid, she is also able to partially turn parts of her body into a lethal weapon. She is able to transform her arms into cannons that blast of explosive three-round bursts that explode upon impact. If weapon, soul resonance move(s): N/A || Stats 1/10 || Strength: 7/10 Speed: 6.5/10 Reflexes: 7/10 Agility: 5.5/10 Madness: 2.5/10 Stamina: 5/10 Durability: 6.5/10 Defense: 5/10 Attack: 6/10 Soul projection: 7/10 Luck: 3/10 Intelligence: 9/10

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