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  1. 6ix_44 Name: Jackson Moriarty Nickname: J, Jack, Jackie, Jax Gender: Male Age: 19 Species: Human Sexual Orientation: Presumed heterosexual, unknown Birthday: 4 May Star Sign: Taurus Eye Color: Olympic blue Hair Color: Brown black Hair Styles: Slicked back or combed Skin tone: Pale ivory Body type: Inverted triangle Height: 5’8 Weight: 146lb Habits: Licking his lips Strengths: Intelligence, charm Weaknesses: Surprise Weapons: M1911A1 Ambition/Dream: To surpass his father Likes: Astrology, black coffee, planes Dislikes: Ocean, uneventful days Parents: James Moriarty, Unnamed woman Siblings: None Relatives: Myra Moriarty Enemy: TBC Scent: Sandalwood Outfits: Westwood (obviously), occasionally plain t-shirts and black slim fit jeans Accessories: Fox tie pin for formal occasions Scars: None Tattoos: Detailed crown on his left shoulder blade Jewelry: None Piercings: None Theme Song: Tainted Love - Soft Cell Other: - Jackson is much of a secret, only known by his parents and a few select members of his father’s network as James Moriarty’s son - He wants to keep it secret for as long as he can - He wants to surpass his father in power and intelligence and think he’s perfectly capable of doing so

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