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Need people for a sci-fi rp Aa below

  1. em_not_emily . Welcome aboard the the 5103 express transit, or that’s what it’s called now anyway. The history of this ship is rather rich and interesting if you give it a chance. When it was first created it was a war ship, meant to destroy alien races, it didn’t discriminate in the end, the old crew of the ship ended up destroying who ever it came across weather it be alien or human. But aren’t humans really aliens too.? The crew was exterminated and the ship was sit aside on an uninhabited planet. Soon people heard the legend and started messing with it again. In there attempts it was able to travel though time, something that hadn’t been done before. The military the United system decided that it should be destroyed and it was 19 years ago or so everyone thought. But it was kept hidden. 10 years ago, people started dying in a strange ways, ways that no human or alien could do- not one that was known anyway. All the reports are saying it’s some kind of monster. The monsters or so they are being called are believed to have been the been those who died in the Great War , when nothing was safe from being killed. It is said that some micro organism is seeping into the carcasses of the fallen , playing on the dead’s last fear and anger intensifying it. They have killed have the Orion sector and moving forward in the Stella sector. It has to be stopped. The government issued the ship to come out of retirement and stop the deaths at all costs. Are you up for the challenge of restoring order to a once peaceful solar system. Roles needed : Captain (specialist in weapons and tactics .) Biologist (skilled in micro organisms) Doctor (skilled in alien and human dna matrix’s) Geologist (skilled in Environmental factors) Mechanic (to keep the ship running) : Em_not_Emily : 21 : Luna Android/ A.I (been with the ship since the beginning ) Solider (more skilled in combat.) Rules: 1. You may create your own race , it can be whatever you decide , just please don’t make it over powering. 2. No disrespect to anyone , unless it has to deal with pushing the plot forward 3. No one on the ship can be what’s killing everyone because that can get annoying. 4. 3 lines at least please , more are always welcome though. 5. To join state your name and ranking, then proceed to post a bio, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. Setting: The ship is like any other ship, each crew member has there own living quarters(bed room and shower) on the top deck of the ship. The top deck also houses training rooms and the medical bay . The middle floor is the powerhouse of the ship where the main deck and the mess hall are . Also where both gunning posts are located and the loading deck. The bottom deck houses storage, excess weapons and ammunition, it houses the labs for the biologist and geologist, and all the wiring to the ship. This is the most secure floor.

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