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  1. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @b00pert (that's good, i think?))

  2. Posted by b00pert ,

    @buttvirginity (As okay as it can be))

  3. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @b00pert (xD whatever's going on, hopefully it's okay?))

  4. Posted by b00pert ,

    @buttvirginity (Uhhhh... 😂 it's up for debate I guess))

  5. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    @b00pert (I've been fine! How about you?))

  6. Posted by b00pert ,

    @buttvirginity @honeyno (Yooooooooo, how've you been?))

  7. Posted by imnotcrying ,

    (Guys, I'm here XD @honeyno @b00pert ))

  8. Posted by phanlife ,

    (aw, thanks for understanding))

  9. Posted by b00pert ,

    (It's okay, take your own time! Also, I think we're the only ones left in this chat @phanlife))

  10. Posted by phanlife ,

    (Guys, I'm sorry. I've been really depressed and I couldn't show my face on this app anymore. I've since been better, so sorry for not responding)) She winced slightly, rolling her eyes playfully. "It is, yeah- well, and a bear thing? I don't really know."

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