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    @phanlife She laughed and poked her chest. "What are you even doing right now? Is that another human thing?"

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    "Sad. A robot is less judgemental than most humans," she giggled to herself, puffing her chest out. "Okay, I'm ready." @b00pert

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    @phanlife "Great. And don't worry about how you look, 1. They don't care and 2. You looks fine." She said, smiling.

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    "Okay, I believe you... thanks." She muttered the last word, pushing her hair out of her face with a huff. "I'm ready." @b00pert

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    @phanlife "Oh please, what could go wrong? If they trust me, they can learn to trust you too." She smiled with hope in her eyes.

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    "Yeah, I'm hoping.." She chuckled, deeply afraid inside, hesitantly taking the robot's hand. @b00pert

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    "You wimp, there's nothing to be scared of. Just take my hand, you'll be ok." @phanlife

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    "Nice, nice. I'm kind of nervous, though." She admitted, biting her lip. @b00pert

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    @phanlife "Oh, yes. Toxi and Rubie." She giggled

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    (Oh, sorry. Was busy))

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