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The Unknown Devils’ Hotel (Read description for rules and help)

A roleplay group for fun. Anyone can join, no bio required. Just come in the hotel and have fun. Everyone is whatever the hell they want. Just have…

  1. volto @unknowndevil999 She let the mask grow covering her in a white armour though feeling each blow as the explosions burned the armour bruising her skin with each burst of fire. Her hair twisting and turning into blocks of diamond, her hair forgetting about stabbing him focuses on hitting his armour with all her rage. Her teeth sunk into his arm harder almost reaching bone as he suddenly bit her neck. She felt the blood spilling down her neck pain echoing through her form but her eyes looked into his. Hers showing hellfire and blind rage. Biting deeper and deeper into his arm. Her block shaped strands of hair smashing into his armour with a savage nature.

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The Bored Chat

For those of you who have nothing better to do, I invite you over to this chat. Because why not.…

  1. flyde @hs220tyk hop Off my Cock

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Hello there! This is SirVamp ( yes it's based off of the Anime) there are seven SirVamps. SirVamps are vampire servants to humans. In the day light…

  1. blazexbanana *sleeps *

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Attack On Titan Roleplay➰OCs are Welcomed!

👀R E A D E V E R Y T H I N G!👀…

  1. ternonadime Phillipa jumped as an unknown scout approached, his hands clasped around thick reigns of several horses. "Mount up," he commanded and Phillipa looked on blankly for a moment, and then nodded silently, taking the reigns of the stupid creature proffered to her. She wasnt a fan of horses. They were just - weird. Especially their long noses. Who needed a nose that long, really? No one, that was who. Metal quivered as she placed her boot in the stirrup, using it as a pivot to swing herself into the saddle. "I guess I'll see you around," she said to Kaneki, her voice bland and tepid as she pressed her heels into her horses side. Moving to where she was supposed to be positioned. She shifted restlessly in the saddle as she came to a halt, that familiar feeling of unease curling like a rock in her stomach. She did not want to go out there, she knew that for sure as gears ground and whirred, removing the last obstacle between her and danger. The shifter pawed at her wrist, the cold blade now warmed by it's time against her flesh. With the reigns clasped in one hand, she was taken aback by the sudden flood of light and winced against it. Her eyes closing for a moment, her unease only grew as she felt something heavy twist in her gut. These were decidedly not butterflies. Perhaps hornets would be more apt. And then the command rang out, and Pippa set her reigns right, forced her eyes opened and dug her heels in once more. The sound of hooves was a pounding in her skull, it felt too loud as leather squeaked and metal clattered. She was getting overwhelmed. But her face remained stoic, not a hint of internal turmoil escaping for the world to see. As if anyone needed any more reasons to distrust her. Pippa had to focus. Focus on where she was, what her steed was doing. Had to focus on sounds that weren't so overwhelming. Had to listen for the command. Hopefully it wouldn't come. She really did not want to play punching bag. The females nostrils flared, the only visible sign of her unease. The females hair, swept back into a braid, shivered against the wind that pushed back against the Invaders to this empty realm. Phillipa instinctively kept checking the existence of her flares. Despite being part of the central formation. She doubted she'd have to use them, but, habit dictated that she must check. And check. And check again. Last time they had exited the walls, she had been on the left wing. Shit. This was so much more serious. But also safer, yes, she liked it much better thinking about it that way. Safer. Surprisingly enough, that did quell her anxiety. But, she knew at the same time that her brother was running supply. That put him much further out than she would like. She would like to have him here with her. So she could keep an eye on that dolt. Ugh. Now the worry was returning just thinking about it. How on Earth was she supposed to focus when there was so much to worry about? (( @lamby @emoandscreamo @greenemi @ulls @pathfinder ))

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