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Tavern Of Chances~~❤❤

The tavern of chances! This is a place where all kinds people may chat, drink, and potential find someone special. The taverns creation was made with…

  1. monstermoose GWAH GAH!! (Yes Please!!) *Worms my way into your shirt and snuggles my way in between her breasts, as I begin nomming on my onion plushie toy*

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Hunters x supernatural (read the aa pls)

Welcome to Hunters x supernaturals here it's pretty simple hunters hunt supernaturals and get money from them, but not all hunters got to be like…

  1. jeffory @_alison_ acly you mom and your brother and sister are still alive but there hunters your dad died”

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Highschool Roleplay (REMAKE) READ AA


  1. gentlegiant @i_think_im_adorable He walked to the door and went up a few flights of stairs before he hit the roof “two chairs one for me and two for potential visitor” he held up two bottles “vodka or scotch”

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darude standsorm

R⃟⃟e⃟⃟v⃟⃟o⃟⃟l⃟⃟u⃟⃟t⃟⃟i⃟⃟o⃟⃟n⃟⃟ R⃟⃟e⃟⃟v⃟⃟o⃟⃟l⃟⃟u⃟⃟t⃟⃟i⃟⃟o⃟⃟n⃟⃟…

  1. casual Hi Shane

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