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Supernatural Prison

Welcome to Alderam, prison for supernaturals. This is the biggest prison in the world and the hardest to break out of in the world... Then again it…

  1. Lunar_Solar_Eclipse @qboss96_73 “I am glad you like it. I made them myself from scratch.”

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Stonerose Asylum: Home to the greatest Disasters in mental illness history!~

~Welcome to the Stonerose asylum!~…

  1. griffingirl WILLFRED HUNTER CUNNINGWAY ✴Age✴ 24 ✴ethnicity✴ Asian ✴Sanity Grade✴ B ✴Sexual orientation✴ Gay ✴Role✴ (Wyatts ) Doctor ✴Appearance✴ •Willfred is 5'9 • he has soft short gray hair that frames his face nicely • his eyes are blue • he tends to were blues , blacks and purples ✴Backstory✴ He dropped out of med school after they told him his theories werent possible. Willfred educated himself from then on until he heard about the asylum, a place that seemed it would accept his theories on humans and their abilities. He has been there for 6 years. ✴Personality✴ Willfred is actually a rather kind person, he's nice and usually greets people with a smile. Its overshadowed by his curiosity and intellect though, his need to learn things often takes over and he cant help to do almost whatever it takes to find out the information he wants. ✴Likes✴ Science Experiments Men Art Music ✴Dislikes✴ Frogs People crying ✴Fears✴ Asphyxiation ✴Quote✴ "Stars cant shine without the darkness" ✴Other ✴ He plays the piano Hums alot

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