Publish Swag for Geeking Members to Play With

One of the things that makes Geeking unique, is the user generated swag which includes Scene Cards, Expresssions, Badges and much more to come. If you're creative and want to publish on our platform, now is the time. Get the app for iPhone (Android coming soon) to see what swag is all about!

Create A Scene Card

Scene cards are used in our "Roleplay Friend Finder" feature. They consist of two elements, a highly engaging image and a short background scene. Choose an image is self-evident, writing a compelling role-play story takes some imagination. If you have an idea for a great scene card, please follow these guidelines and use the form below to start creating!

  • Start by setting a descriptive scene; where are the people, what are the surroundings, what is the mood, how are the characters feeling.
  • Create characters, tell what they are doing and incorporate some detail into the them (e.g. whats their background, what is their emotional state, what type of personality do they have, what, if any, items do they carry). Remember, people are going to choose a character or make up their own and start living your role-play.
  • Incorporate loose ends into the story (e.g. you hear a scratching sound, a car is on fire in the distance, a boarded up room is to your left, etc.).
  • Intertwine potential actions or events (e.g. you may want to investigate the source of the noise, you overhear whispering but can’t make it out, your friends want you to come with them, etc.
  • Try to end with some type of call to action (e.g. what will you do, how will this unfold, what happens to, etc.).
  • No more than 1000 characters, roughly 200 words. But of course, can be shorter.

1000 Characters Remaining