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Priest Vs. Doryuu

  1. mcmxcvii The sword was dismantled by Jet, his control over Divine Holy magic allowing him to shatter the weapon. It was given to the mother of the child. The Pride demoness, Livierto, sacrificed her own horns and ground them up into a sand-like substance, mixing it with the crystals and chunks. The horns of the Pride demon held within the ability to capture the essence of a person, and trap within their soul. With that, the woman traveled to the underworld and stole the soul of her late husband, infusing his essence with the sands created of her Horns and Blessed ingredients. To escape the fate of eternal punishment, she infused her own soul with the sands as well. In doing so, the souls of the lovers bonded, allowing the warring materials of the underworld and heavenly realm to meld together, melting into a glossy onyx material. The material was under the control of the daughter, bending to her every will, however, the souls of her parents had their own agenda as well, to protect their daughter for all eternity. The flames died at the will of the woman, not before the building was almost completely cleared of ice. She looked around to see the world of chaos she had been summoned into. She could feel the energy charging the air around her. A battle, a large scale one at that was coming. She sprinted off the edge of the tower to land on the bridge, where she waited for an opponent. | End. | @priest

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