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//❤️School for the supernatural❤️//

There is a discord server for this chat. Dm me for details …

  1. winterofjune @phantomex @themysteryman17 @foxkittymalendore My starters can be slightly long :P) Music blasted against a blue ear buds. People would think this woman would be death by now. She would just matter lyrics of the music, because...why not? She seemed to be walking down the hallway, she felt trapped. Trapped in school for one more year, but than what. She never thought about her future job. Yes, she had very great grades, but that doesn't mean she thought her life all the way through. She was a independent loner bitch, well the bitch part wasn't very true it is just she used big rude words against people to drive them away from her. She wasn't through with the 'friends' crap. Her hair seemed to rustle against her pale skin. She kept walking, even with the bell ringing signaling for classes starting. She had high grades, plus she already knows what she is going to learn today, so why not take a day off.

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Welcome to the chat that is known for endless cancer! Flirt with anyone you like! Use cheesy pick-up lines, engross yourself, cringe-fest flirting...…

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