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What if our universe is like a virtual particle popping in and out of existence within a planck time

  1. exalphos Oh I see. I don't know. It's really a matter of if it makes a difference if real change matters or if only perceived change does. Because to me one of the only things that matter are perspectives. Like I really want to eat food to live, but a completely impartial entity really wouldn't care if I ate so it's my perspective that eating food is good. So I really don't think it would change a whole lot other than some people could start freaking out because a non perceiving entity can't care it exists and is nothing in a world of perception, but a perceiving entity can only be its perception in a world of perception. There might as well not be anything without perspectives. Because just like everything before you existed snapped like an instant and you were suddenly there, that is the entire existence of a rock or any other non perceiving being, just the snap, but no start of perception. The universe could "simultaneously" start and end with little to no consequence to anything. So I think that as long as we have perspective, it doesn't really matter if we really exist. I don't know if that is what type of response you wanted but I tried.

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