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[BIO ROOM] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Trials of the Storm.

  1. Aidan L Name: Natasha Age: 20 Species: Sylveon Sex: Female S/O: Bi Moves: Bite, Attract, Moonblast, Draining Kiss Personality: Kind, Seductive, Lustful, Perceptive, Opportunistic, Hospitable Bio: Natasha was originally raised by her family. Her mother, an Espeon, her father, a Flareon, and 2 Eevee sisters. Now that she is wild again she lives in an abandoned palace. This has led her to refer to herself as 'Czaress Natasha' and sometimes act a bit stuck up.

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Looking for chill lesbian girls who know their shit about Pokemon to do a long term Pokemon rp

  1. eatyourheartout Hello!! Rules - MUST BE LONG AND LITERATE - no fantasy or anything weird -no incest -THIRD PERSON ONLY ( Just normal long term roleplay. Must be long and literate or I will not respond ) -no using ** -sexual or non-sexual it doesn't matter - NO FETISHES OR MASTER - must have proper grammar - at least more than 5+ lines - no pics or vids - I will only play as girl character - ▫️I would 💖 a RICK AND MORTY roleplay where you would play Rick ▫️ PLOT IDEAS: -boss and employee -pool party -family vacation - handy man and young girl - cop - princess and prince -king/queen/princess -truck driver and hitchhiker - housekeeper - pool boy - shipwrecked - pregnant - window cleaner -plumber -hitchhiker -electrician -asleep -robber -tow truck -car wash -poolboy -secretary -marriage - officer - greaser 1950's - Rick and Morty (( these are just the overall main topic of plot ))

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