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Furry wolf pack

This is a furry wolf pack we will be a family no matter what we live in the forest plenty of food and water you gotta make your own dens

  1. kyoto1414_97 @lord_inquisitor u can be an omega

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Home of the Gifted

Welcome! You are here because you're different... special. You can do things others can't. Your time here will be a pleasant stay in sure, as I will…

  1. titaniafey_58 Name: Zira Claritelle Age: 17-19 Powers: * Complete bond with Vitani (body, mind) *Ability to turn her body into other materials * share the abilities with any creatures she touches (within reason) S/O: straight Hair colour: black Eye colour: Stormy Grey Skin tone: pale Personality: Zira, being the older of the two sisters is incredibly protective. She cares greatly for her little sister and will do just about anything for her. Her mind is constantly on Vitani's welfare and strives to set an example for her. She's proud, stubborn and feisty, with an incredibly short-temper. She always seems to go straight to violence, but despite this, she's incredibly loyal and brave Likes: Music Animals Vitani Books Action-based activities Dislikes: Sitting down for long periods of time Listening of watching based activities Heights Vitani Name: Vitani Claritelle Age: 13 Powers: * full bond with Zira * amble to understand any language (being or electronic) * able to enter and manipulate the minds of others S/O: straight Hair colour: Black Eye colour: stormy grey Skin tone:pale Personality: Vitani is the brains of the duo. She's stubborn and feisty like her sister, and really wishes that she'd just leave her alone. She's strategic, and also like her sister, hates to loose. While Zira may take the violent approach when provoked, Vitani prefers to mess with people mids. She's often gets on people nerves with her ego, but she tries to be nice, and most of the time is only trying to help. Likes: Animals Books Strategy games Computers Brain teasers Zira Attention Being the best Dislikes: Zira Spiders Athletic activities Being told what to do Not being able to get what she wants

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