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Naruto: Rise Of The Next Gen! (Bio room)

  1. Invisiblegirl99 Takeki Akino is a chuunin from The leaf village Chakra nature: Wind. Their specialty:weapons He's about 5'6 and 116lbs. He is usually shy but friendly. He is more focused on his taijutsu and ninjutsu than genjutsu. His favourite food is Onigiri Hikato Gento otherwise known as Kato, is an outgoing, overly charismatic person who tries to find good in everyone. He trusts easily and has a bad judge of character. He is 5'9 and 129lbs. Akira Sugawara This pale-skinned man is 5' 9" tall and has a muscular build. He has red eyes and look dark blue hair He has a long face His clothes are usually traditional and he prefers them to be red. He is friendly and kind but can become scary if angered or needs to fight. Overall he is nice and supportive of whatever anyone wants to do as long as it's positive

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