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Naruto roleplay next gen ooc

  1. madara_uchiha_ @kamitg @thatweirdkidkiba yea people do but we moved room cause the owner for the rp (I made this so it would be easier to talk ages back) wasn’t doing anything and well it died. If you’re wanting in an rp message whipplike_zee and he will send you to one we have being made

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Naruto/Boruto: “The New Age of Ninja” Bio Roon

  1. ciena Name: Ari Ataru Age: 17 Weight: 100 lb. Height: 5'7" Rank: Chunin Village: Takigakure (Hidden Waterfall Village) Clan: Ataru (family name) Nature Transformation: Lightning, Wind Kekki Genkai: Light Release Tailed Beast: Seven Tails Stats 81-90= Beyond God of Shinobi 70-80= God of Shinobi 61-70= Beyond Kage 51-60= Kage 41-50= Sanin 31-40= ANBU/High Jonin 21-30= High Chunin/Jonin 11-20= Genin/Chunin 0-10= Low Genin Ninjutsu: 30 Genjutsu: 6 Taijutsu: 20 Bukijutsu: 15 Kenjutsu: 45 Senjutsu: 0 Strength: 20 Intelligence: 18 Leadership: 5 Speed: 40 Stamina:  37 Hand seals: 30 Chakra: 35 Personality: Ari is usually quite bubbly and very blunt. She isn't the most intelligent of people however she is a very creative thinker and is fast to come up with solutions. Talents: Kenjutsu, Kekkai Genkai, Speed Jutsu: Wind Release: Wind Cutter Lightning Release: Lightning Barrier Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang Light Release: Body Flicker Light Release: Cross Slash Transformations ()= Not available immediately Tools: Two Twin Katanas Bio: Ari Ataru was made the Seven Tails' Jinjuriki as soon as she was born, all of her life she has been used to the beast's presense. She grew up secluded within Takigakure and has only left once to perform in the Chunin exams which she preformed very well in. She has developed her own personal Kekkai Genkai and spends most of her time training to improve until she finds something else to do.

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