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Naruto/Boruto: “The New Age of Ninja” Bio Roon

  1. _demonempress_ •Background: Born to a pair well known shinobi, Tsubaki and her twin brother Hayate undoubtedly followed in their footsteps. At a young age, it seemed that the siblings were on par with one another, although Tsubaki seemed to excel more in Kenjutsu while Hayate specialized more in taijutsu. They were incredibly close in their youth, attending the Ninja Academy together and graduating at top of their class. However, when Hayate and Tsubaki were 13 years old, as Genin, they attended a seemingly easy mission with their parents. The easy C-rank mission, took a dreadful turn, turning to an A-rank when a group of Jōnin level rogues attacked. Being completely outranked, Tsubaki and Hayate were forced to flee while their parents handled it. However, the next day they were informed that their parents were killed in the field. From that day on, Tsubaki and Hayate lived as orphans. At the age of 15, Hayate disappeared from the village, being deemed a treacherous Missing-Nin. Tsubaki was alone, and for a while, she remained in the village, until she turned 17. Taking up a Bounty Hunting job, she left her home village in search of her brother. She too was deemed a Missing-Nin, though she never really posed a threat to the village she called home.

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Naruto Rp (Canon’s and Oc’s) Bio-Room.

  1. katoshenn Name: Zenko Iburi Nickname: demon of the smoke Relationship: single Sexuality: straight Gender: male Birthday: 4/7 Age: 39 Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 153lbs Chakra Natures: lighting, fire, earth Kekkei Genkai: Iburi clan's kekkei genkei Personality: calm, well mannered Good Trait(s): quick thinker Bad Trait(s): neat freak Likes: beef ramen, fire Dislike(s): Anbu Hobby(ies): none Fear(s): none Strength(s): ninjutsu Weakness(es): sealing knowledge Personal Quote: "though the path to success is unpredictable, I am still able to have fun through it all...what about you?" Background: Zenko was born into an Anbu family for the stone. He was often left alone at home with a babysitter while his parents worked until he turned into a genin. His parents took him under their wing and trained him. He became exceptionally skilled in ninjutsu and taijutsu. At the age of 16 zenko became an Anbu and went on many missions with his parents. But after a few years his parents began to change, as well as the rest of the Anbu. They started to revolt against the kage and even planned to murder him. Zenko knew he had to stop them and slaughtered them, even his parents. When he was finished he quickly went to the kage to explain what happened. In order to keep Zenko safe he decided to make him an elite Anbu and erase every trace of him. He stayed hidden within the village, going on top secret missions that only the kage knew about and training him to preform very powerful jutsus. As he became older a new group of evil began to form and the kage quickly sent Zenko to the group to become a spy. Clan Info Clan Name: Iburi Specialty: smoke Jutsus: Rasengan(fire, lighting, earth variants), chidori/lighting blade, shadow clone, fire dragon jutsu, Phoenix flower jutsu, earth disruption jutsu, earth spear jutsu, five star circle, genjutsu: one thousand deaths, tlaoc's bane, fire fist technique, shuriken shadow clone jutsu, Relationships Parent(s): deceased Parent(s) special traits: Iburi clans kekkei genkei Sibling(s): none Relative(s): none Friend(s): akatsuki partner Enemy(ies): any Anbu Pet(s): none Ninja Information Birth Village: stone Current Village: N/A  Academy Graduation: 12 Chunin Promotion: 13 Jonin Promotion: 15 Rank: S-class rogue Nindo: none Weapon(s): kunai, shuriken (with/without paper bomb), chain (Obito vs. minato), Missions Completed D-Rank: 294 C-Rank: 243 B-Rank: 132 A-Rank: 94 S-Rank: 83 NINJA STATS [Based on a scale of 1-5 as seen in Naruto Ninja Statbook] Taijutsu: 4.5 Ninjutsu: 5 Genjutsu: 4 Intelligence: 5 Stamina: 3 Strength: 3 Speed: 3.5 Seal Knowledge:2

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