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Music, poetry, and shit

  1. nicklaus_teno Why bother Why do I bother putting in the efforts, when everytime I show affection you turn the other way. Quit playing this game of cat and mouse, my heart and mind can't take anymore of the abuse. Each night I stay up pondering to myself "does she truly love me or is this just a game to her?" Each night my mind wanders further into depression, with no conformation of your feelings. You just keep stalling, keep neglecting. Why bother playing this game you're playing, I should have quit while I was ahead. Is what my mind tells me, but my heart battles it. My heart fights, and continues to beat each beat for you. My mind and heart waging constant battles and wars against each other. Is this what it's come to? My inner war battling for you, I think I'd liked it when my inner demons were tearing me limb from limb as they fest upon my despair and heartache. Not this, I'm tired of hoping you feel the same.

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