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  1. Posted by another ,

    @leanboxskiess Welcome! Yes! Someone new wanting to join is awesome!))

  2. Posted by alex困 ,

    @leanboxskiess sure srry for late answer

  3. Posted by leanboxskiess ,

    //helloooo can I join? I'm new here btw :)//

  4. Posted by alex困 ,

    .@lordslima he walk to the bath room leaving the water there openedas he took a bath

  5. Posted by lordslima ,

    @alex困 * she shrugs *

  6. Posted by alex困 ,

    @lordslima he still handed her a water

  7. Posted by lordslima ,

    @alex困 @another * the slime sidst care she had gotten her own water *

  8. Posted by alex困 ,

    Fine then

  9. Posted by another ,

    @alex困 Oh, and you should unban me from your chat.))

  10. Posted by another ,

    @alex困 Hm... That just rids of all the fun.. ·-· ))

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