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  1. Posted by ninjakitten ,

    Feel like its that time of the year for that stuff to happen

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  3. Posted by psysneks ,

    Meh my past month was a crap fest to.

  4. Posted by psysneks ,

    @ninjakitten I getcha

  5. Posted by ninjakitten ,

    Its just a lot of stressfull and a lil sad stuff happening and im not used to it all cuz i thought it was over u see

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  7. Posted by psysneks ,

    I mean same, it's a few days before thanksgiving so a lots gonna happen.

  8. Posted by ninjakitten ,

    @boomtown yeh... but am doing ok. Just had a tiresome weekend and stuff... alot has happened

  9. Posted by psysneks ,

    @ninjakitten ooo not fun

  10. Posted by ninjakitten ,

    Kinda is^^ im sick tho... and traveling away from bf so im a lil sad^^ @boomtown

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