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Any semi literate guys want to do an one on one Marvel rp?

  1. strangegirl223 Name: May Rogers Alias: Miss America Father: Steve Rogers/ Captain America -appearance- Sex: Female S/O: Straight Age: 16 Height: 5’6 Eyes: Blue Skin Tone: White Hair Length: Waste Piercings: None Tattoo: Freedom on right wrist, Liberty on left wrist Scars: none Personality: Very observant, and never gives up without a fight. She believes freedom is everyone’s right, and would never give up to make sure that it is ensured Likes: History, Training, Music, Freinds/Family, Drawing, Protecting People, Hero Dislikes: Drama, Bullies, Being in Pictures, Science Homework Gear: Shield and Helmet( passed down from father), Gloves, Taser Stick( fathers), Beretta Pistol Background: May was a quiet child, always staying behind to take care of things while her father was working, but she was secretly training so she could prove to her dad that she could also be out in the field. After the avengers split, Steve decided it was time for him to step down from his role as Captain America, and let May step in as the new Miss America. She accepted the honor bestowed upon her, and with that her father gave her his shield, and helmet, also helped design her costume so she could continue the Rogers family name. She also made most of her own weapons, and always values people’s freedom and liberty and would risk her life to stop people that want to take that away.

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