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Find a Marvel RP partner!

  1. _armin_ Anyone here roleplay as Loki Laufeyson or Nebula? I’ve got interesting plots for both those characters, though I’ll be using an OC. I strongly prefer Advanced Literate roleplay, but Semi Literate is fine too. Whether there’s smut in it or if it’s completely clean doesn’t matter to me.

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Marvel Academy Bio room

  1. impulse168 First name: Vanessa Last name: Rankin Birthday: June 9th Age: 18 Zodiac: Gemini Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Species: mutant Dad: Calvin Rankin Mother: Vera Cantor Appearance Height: 5'6 Hair color: orange Hair length: just pass the middle of her back Hair style: straight Eye color: blue Body type: fit Tattoos: Yin and Yang on the center of her back Freckles: barely Likes Sweets Making friends Music Parkour Relaxing Being with people Dislikes People that lie to her. Roaches Silence Power Mimic- she can gain the skills, knowledge, traits, and abilities of people who are within a certain range of her Weakness She can physically overload herself when absorbing abilities. Favorites Movie: Robin hood Show: Doctor who Color: Orange Music style: whatever Holiday: Halloween Book: Dodger Animal: fox

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