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The Last Avenger? (Marvel next generation rp) {BIO ROOM}

  1. prizm Name : James O'Connor Age : 17 Height : 6'0 Nationality : Irish Gender : male Clothing : Aviators, brown cargo jacket, black long sleeve shirt, green neck scarf, blue jeans, black combat boots prosthetic arm Look : Brown combed back hair with the sides of his head shaved, a clean cut brown beard with green eyes and a Caucasian complexion Bio : James was a normal student that was born without his left arm and when he turned 17 he moved from Ireland to a school in America, He enrolled in a college in Manhattan and not a week later the famous Tony Stark entered the school and donated a huge sum of money to everyone in the technology program, this included James, James saw this as a way to prove himself, so he started working on a prosthetic that everyone could afford and that could help others. about a year later on the day that he was about to present his prosthetic to mr stark one of his more... Unliked classmates sabotaged it before he could. As he appeared on stage the arm didn't work and freaked out. James was humiliated but stark saw potential in him and hired him as an intern. James was allowed to work at home on his own project, he perfected his arm, and even went on to create an exo suit designed for builders, on the night he decided to test run it a nearby ATM store was being held up so he grabbed a cosplay mask he made a few years back and 'suited up' he stopped them for the most part but the robbers ended up escaping and James injured himself over the suit having faulty elbow joints which caused it to break his arm and Tony was less then pleased that he didn't call him before using it, so naturally Tony took the suit and made a few modifications to it and returned it to James so that he wouldn't hurt himself with it this time and even created a functioning version of the cosplay helmet he made that went with the suit. What Tony didn't say is that he'd have to earn the full suits potential first before he could use the 'big boy toys' Personality : James is a good kid and likes to help others, but has slight anger issues so he's not perfect

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