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Marvel Next Gen bio/Ooc room

  1. days_pass Name: Void Gender: Female Parent: Loki Personality: Void acts defiantly and hates being told what to do, but her past has left her scared and lonely. Appearance: Void is pale and tall with long curly black hair. She usually chooses a punk aesthetic with black and green being her favourite colours. Background: Annoyed with Loki once again, the Enchantress decides to enact her revenge. Just as Loki made her, she gives him Void. His very own human. When Loki takes it in his stride and takes her in as one of her own she is enraged. She lured the child through one of his very own portals and leaves her in England, Midgard to fend for herself. When the authorities find her, she is wild and vulnerable. At the age of 18 she is scouted by S.H.I.E.L.D and kept a close eye on.

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