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The Magic Rose Guild Bio Room

  1. _gamergurl__ Name: Annabeth Simmers Age: 21 Gender: Female Height: 5'4 Weight: Lightweight Eyes: Crystal blue Skin: Soft and fair Hair: Pure white Personality: She's kind and gentle, but fierce and deadly on the battlefield. If you try to mess with her, she might just surprise you in combat. Also, do NOT call her a bitch. She will turn into something BAD. Likes: Watching the stars, moonlight, long walks across the beach, healing the wounded Dislikes: Perverted men, power-hungry idiots, people who don't work for shit. Profession: Her main job is healing, but she's very skilled in archery and going undetected. Though, when she heals, it takes away from her physical strength depending on the environment she's in. If she's in a thriving, plant-filled environment, she becomes stronger in healing ability. If she's in a hot wasteland, her powers become weak, and so does she.

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