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Lord of the Rings: Books vs Movies: Which is Better?

  1. johnwatson This is an old chat but just going to say the movies were beautiful and no one cou I d of pulled them ofd better than Peter Jackson (Don't know why he screwed up the Hobbit Movies, he got a bad case of Hollywood syndrome when he messed up the story) but the books definitely enhance the Tolkien experience. J.R.R. Tolkien didn't just create a few stories, he created an entire world with literally thousands of years of detailed history, all of it tragic and complex like the circumstances in LotR. You really get an I depth field of whp these people are, the races and theur flaws, their justifications, he makes you root for flawed people.. he has over 10 books published just for the LotR universe because he had so much love and dedication for this wonderful lengendarium and I hope everyone also can appreciate the books and the world building that he literally dedicated his life to - over 70 years.

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