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notice me !! and lewd meee lol

  1. theegyptianresort This is a Discord for Roleplay. For many people to come (18+) and have lewd fun or just to hang out! This kinky place has many rooms, such as the lewd resort, the all female kingdom room, the game room, and so on! No real life pictures. Must be willing to be active! We have a few rooms... *An OOC room. *The Kingdom of Kaiyou. (A kingdom for futanari, hermaphrodites, and females to roam. No males at all.) *You lose? You fuck! (A game room where winners fuck losers however they like.) *The Farm (A farm for female/futa/herm animals/furries/creatures/Monsters/so on.) And many more! The Code Is https://discord.gg/FyjTVXn Come join us!

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