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Fuck everyone (lgbt group)

  1. lorelei989 § Genres § ↪Action ↪Adventure ↪Drama ↪Fantasy ↪Romance ↪Hetero/Yuri §Kinks & Turn Ons§ ↪giving and *receiving* oral ↪anal ↪foreplay ↪rape ↪bdsm ↪light abuse(slapping, light choking; etc) ↪bondage ↪force fucking ↪sex in all rooms(yes closet &bathroom) ↪panking ↪dirty talking ↪tit play §Limits§ ↪Knife play ↪Pissing ↪Furries ↪Violence ↪Age play [-18] §Can Roleplay§ ↪Male characters with females ↪Female characters with males ↪Female characters with females I can role play males or females with males or females, however, I will not roleplay a Male×Male pairing. I like my roleplays to be at least sort of long term and semi-lit. The youngest I will ever appear in a roleplay is 18(17 if I like the plot enough). I don't do furries or any crazy fetishes. But I do like bdsm(only thing ill really stop you on is gags. There will be times where I read your message and do t reply. I'm not ignoring you, it could be writers block or a busy day. Just bear with me and give me a mimute and ill get back to you as I can. § Pairing Ideas § ▶Fantasy ↪Medieval ⬇Royalty ↘Bandit ↘Commoner ↘Royalty/Royal Guard(other staff) ↪"Forbidden" Loves ⬇Human ↘Angel ↘Demon ↘Vampire ▶High School/Boarding School ⬇Room Mates ↘Male/Female×Female ↘Rebel ↘Bookworm ↘Upper class ↘Middle/Lower class ↘Straight girl ↘Lesbian roomie ▶Modern Day ⬇Step siblings ⬇Boss x Secretary ⬇Neighbors ⬇Slave ↘Master ↘Mistress ⬇Maid ↘Master ↘Mistress ▶Throw in your idea's if you'd like

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