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    I will make my bio very soon. But I must finish up dying my ahor and such)

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    I don't do group rps

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    Don't add me to god damn chats I stg

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    Sorry that it's short. //

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    Blake took an deep breath in before exhaling. She would be going to her new school, Okinawa High. — It would be full of some Japanese students. And, Blake, well she was just black American. Blake went on to her closet she had varieties of book bags, then all went with her outfits. Today she would be wearing something comfy and cute, that gave air to her legs. She smirked to herself grabbing the pink bookbag and making her way down stairs. Blake had been immediately hit by the scent of waffles and bacon, her favorite. She ran into the kitchen, "mommm can I just tag an plate with me?" she dragged out the word mom. "Why honey?" Her mother asked setting plates on the table. "Because if I stay here and eat it I'll take all day!" That had been an compliment of her mother's cooking, her mother slightly smiled but shook her head. Blake groaned, "fine! I'll just take an apple to school." Blake walked up to the granite counter and grabbed an green apple out of the basket before heading to the door, "seeya later fool! Have an good day at work." she made her way out the door, Blake didn't live far from the school. It was only two blocks away. She began to run loosing her energy in only an minute. The sky had been painted of an beautiful fiery orange, Blake took out her iPhone and snapped an picture of the sky. That had been considered art to her. She began to enjoy the beautiful life in front of her, the busy streets and such. Before Blake knew it she was at the school. She awkwardly waved to kids who didn't wave back, and made her way into the school. Welcome to hell Blake, she thought.

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    @ordinary Sure!))

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    || @chelsea_cherushi; Could I be an exchange student? //

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    @❶❾❾❽ 🅑🅘🅞 🅓🅜 🅣🅞 🅤🅢🅔 ➣ ✎ ➢ ➤ ----------------------------------- ✎ 🅖🅔🅝🅔🅡🅐🅛 🅘🅝🅕🅞🅡🅜🅐🅣🅘🅞🅝 ✎ ➤ nαmє: blake illeà alvarez ➤αgє: depends on rp ➤prєfєrrєd nαmє: ➤nícknαmє(ѕ): anything you want to call her. ➤gєndєr: female ➤ѕєхuαl σríєntαtíσn: bi ➤pσв: bronx, new york ➤dσв: september ninth ➤ zσdíαc ѕígn: virgo ➤fírѕt lαnguαgє: english ➤lαnguαgє(ѕ): english, spanish, a bit italian ➤αccєnt: new yorkish ➤ ѕpєcíєѕ: human ---------------------------------- ✎ 🅟🅗🅨🅢🅘🅒🅐🅛 🅕🅔🅐🅣🅤🅡🅔🅢 ✎ ➢ píєrcíngѕ: ears ➢hєíght: 5'6 ➢ hαír cσlσr: black ➢ єчє cσlσr: black ➢вulíd: a bit muscle, petite, ➢tαtσσѕ: an small moon on her wrist ➢ clσthíng ѕtчlє: usually Alannah will wear anything that makes her feel comfortable. --------------------------------------- ✎ 🅗🅔🅐🅛🅣🅗 ✎ ➣ mєntαl íllnєѕѕєѕ: anxiety ➣ drínkѕ: occasionally ➣ drugѕ: none ➣ αllєrgíєѕ: none ➣ ѕmσkєѕ: no -------------------------------------- ✎ 🅟🅔🅡🅢🅞🅝🅐🅛🅘🅣🅨 ✎ ➤ Blake is an quiet person until she is spoken to or until she has an friend to talk with. At times she's awkward and very clumsy, she's also very impatient. She cannot wait Blake loves trust and loyalty it is the most important thing in friendships and relationship to her. She's observant, an good listener, and an unique person. She gets easily annoyed and loves drama though. líkєѕ: ➣ writing ➣ music with meaning ➣ art ➣ honesty ➣ interesting drama ➣ animals ➣ kittens ➣ elderly cats ➣ comfy sweaters ➣ movies ➣ games ➣ strawberries díѕlíkєѕ: ➢ humans ➢ asswholes ➢ complaining ➢ bragging ➢ earth ➢ sushi fαvσrítєѕ: ➤ вσσk: the fault in our stars ➤ mσvíє: mean girls ➤ cσlσr: black ➤ numвєr: none ➤ fσσd: pizza ➤ drínk: water gσσd hαвítѕ: ➣ drinking water ➣ taking jogs ➣ living life to the fullest вαd hαвítѕ: ➢ not holding eye contact ➢ daydreaming ➢ falling easily ➢ biting pens --------------------------------------- 🅠🅤🅞🅣🅔🅢 🅕🅡🅞🅜 🅑🅛🅐🅚🅔 ✎ ➤ "wow. ." ➤ "and..?" ➤ "it is what it is." ➤ "i don't fucking care." ➤ "im unique baby."

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    @chelsea_cherushi Thanks! I need to edit the bio really quick. //

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    @1998 she's so cute!))

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