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I want to make a Kik rp group ^^ may be something lewd may not depends on who joins

  1. theegyptianresort We need four of each creature type. (Two futas, two females) Welcome to the farm! ~~~~ *Fairies* *Cows* *Horses* *Sheeps* *Demons* *Deer* *Goats* *Plants* *Insects* *Slimes* *Lamia*  *Oxen* *Birds* *Felines* *Canines* *Pokemon*  *Rodents* *Antelope* *Aquadics* *Androids* *Reptiles* *Bears* *Raccoons* *Aliens* (If you're something that isn't on here, let me know.) This is for a lewd room, but it doesn't have to always be lewd. It can be clean as well, if the people in the room choose for it to be. Don't join for the dirty aspect. Message if interested. No guys. OR ♡ Pm if you want to join a lewd room. It currently is a casino, but you can do anything. We need more females. Males can join too. Futas/furries/everyone else welcome as long as you follow the rules. ♡

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